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Comparing The 15 Best Video Training Platforms in 2023

video training platforms

Online training courses have become increasingly used, relied upon and important today. Since the pandemic, businesses, institutions and even governments have discovered the plethora of benefits that providing online learning provides. This shift in learning often uses video courses and allows people to learn online courses freely without location restrictions, for example. From a business […]

How to Build Your Own Audio Streaming Hosting Platform

Audio Streaming Hosting

Today, audio streams, podcasts and music streaming services are big business. As an example, 42% of Americans listen to a podcast each month. They provide a fantastic way to build genuine connections with target audiences and share information in an easy manner. Along with the preference and portability of audio streams, they can prove a phenomenal method […]

RTMP and HTML5 Video Players – What Broadcasters Need to Know

rtmp player html5

Online video is constantly evolving as technology continuously improves. While still relevant, the popular Flash player has been taken over by HTML5 video. Consequently, new video players are emerging on the market, adapted to this new video format. Access to fully HTML5-compatible video players has increased. Video elements such as playback, compatibility, speed, audio quality […]

How to Stream Video Online: Live Streaming Best Practices for 2023

Streaming video online has become synonymous with broadcasting success. When the right broadcast method is implemented, streaming live video can be great for business. In fact, the video streaming market is forecast to be worth a massive $247 billion by 2027. Furthermore,  live streaming specifically is making up anincreasingly large portion of video streaming content online and is expected to grow and […]

Comparing YouTube Live vs Facebook Live to Top Video Platform Alternatives [2023 Update]

Live video streaming is in a league of its own. Because of it’s ubiquity, popularity and benefits, increasing numbers of platforms offer live streaming services. With this trend, the biggest platforms like YouTube and Facebook have given nearly the entire globe the ability to live broadcast video. Facebook and Google are investing heaps of time and […]