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What is the Best Video Codec for Web Streaming? [2021 Update]

Getting started with live streaming is easier than ever. However, setting up advanced, high-quality streams does require a small amount of technical knowledge. Although your online video platform will take care of most of the technicalities, it’s still good to have some idea of what is going on behind the scenes. That said, codecs are […]

What is RTMP Ingest and Why is it Important for Live Streaming?

RTMP Ingest

Live streaming is such a valuable tool for schools, businesses, and other professional organizations. Many professional broadcasters use online video players that are equipped with the tools you need to broadcast with very little technical know-how. Even though online video players automate most of the live streaming process, there is so much that goes on […]

RTMP and HTML5 Video Players – What Broadcasters Need to Know in 2021

rtmp player html5

Times have changed in the world of online video. Flash, which dominated online video for decades, is practically dead and has been replaced by the HTML5 video player options and formats continue to expand.  Access to HTML5 video players has improved online video in many aspects, including compatibility, general speed, and security. In this article, […]

Video Streaming Protocols: Which to Use for Professional Broadcasting [2021 Update]

video streaming protocols

When you get started with live streaming, you’ll notice an abundance of acronyms that serve many different purposes. There’s RTMP, HLS, HDS, and more. Many of these acronyms relate to different video streaming protocols. Basically, protocols are technical processes that facilitate the transfer of data from one program to another. In streaming, this means the […]

Best Live Streaming Resolution and Settings for H.264 Encoders

streaming resolution

H.264 is a next-generation protocol for high-definition video compression. Most newer encoders today are compatible with this protocol and suitable for live streaming with compact files.  In most cases, particularly if you want to stream the best, highest-quality video content, you will want to use this protocol. Encoders allow for a fairly wide range of […]

What is RTMP? The Real-Time Messaging Protocol: What you Need to Know

Online video streaming continues to become more popular due to the consistent development of supporting technology. One particular online video streaming technology that has played an important role in the rise of this industry is RTMP. RTMP has served as a solution in several different steps of the live streaming process, and its role will […]

HD Live Streaming: How to Broadcast Video in High Definition [2021 Update]

hd streaming

Several aspects set professional broadcasting apart from amateur productions. The presentation of your content is more important than the content itself. Two major aspects are audio quality and streaming video resolution. Today, we’re going to focus on the latter.  Video resolution is an essential feature of any video-watching experience. Live-streamed video content is no exception. […]

H.266 Codec: What is Versatile Video Coding (VVC)?

H.266 Versatile Video Coding

Video files are large, and streaming them over the internet would be very difficult if it wasn’t for codecs. Codecs are continuously developing to optimize this technical workflow, and Versatile Video Coding is on the horizon when it comes to new and improved codecs. In this post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to […]

Comparing the 10 Best 4K Cameras for Live Streaming in 2021

4K Cameras For Live Streaming

With the growth of professional broadcasting, the demand for high-quality cameras is greater than ever. This is especially important since video quality affects the users’ experience. In this post, we will review the top ten best 4K cameras for live streaming. There are a lot of 4K cameras on the market, but not all of […]

Continuous Streaming: How to Produce a 24/7 Live Stream [2021 Update]

24/7 Live stream

For many businesses and organizations, live video streams are often used to broadcast short series or one-time events. This could include concerts, business conferences, product announcements, a social Q&A, or any other event that has a beginning and end. However, as people continue to “cut the cord” on cable, the demand for continuous online live […]