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The 20+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting [2024 Update]

live streaming apps

Live video streaming continues to prove a popular medium for watching online content. A recent study found that live streaming accounts for 23% of global viewing time and it’s expected to have a revenue of $184.27 billion by 2027. Millions of viewers simply prefer to stream live video, getting in on the action in real-time. […]

Comparing the Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms – What You Need to Know [2024 Update]

Our VOD hosting platform is made possible by our recent acquisition of vzaar. As technology develops, cloud video streaming services are becoming evermore prevalent. Concerning video specifically, cloud video platforms are aiding professional video hosting. Modern businesses and marketers alike want straightforward, reliable infrastructure. Fortunately, the right video streaming cloud service can provide all that […]

How to Set Up a Multi-Camera Live Streaming Webcast [2024 Update]

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Webcast

Today, a live-streaming webcast is an increasingly popular medium for distributing content. Used by broadcasters and businesses of all kinds, this video technology allows for incredible audience reach. And as more people move away from traditional media sources such as cable, live stream webcasts are seeing surges in viewership. With the increased ubiquity of webcasts, […]

How to Create a Live Streaming Pay-Per-View Sports Broadcast [2024 Update]

pay-per-view sports

Live streaming video content has become an integral part of people’s online experience. No matter the industry, broadcasters and content providers are video hosting everything from instructional content to pure entertainment. In the sports industry specifically, live sports streaming, especially through a dedicated sports streaming website, has surged in popularity. One study by USC Annenberg […]

Your Guide to the Best Live Streaming Equipment [2024 Update]

live streaming equipment

Video content has become a growth staple for many organizations in most industries. Research shows that video content will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2025. Furthermore, 85% of marketers credit video as an effective online marketing tool. It’s no wonder, then, that streaming events and connecting with customers via a popular […]