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Comparing the Top 16 Video Streaming Hosting Providers: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

video streaming hosting

Did you know that 59% of executives have reported that they’d rather consume information through a video as opposed to reading the written text? People have turned to streaming video hosting services for news, entertainment, sports, and more so it makes sense that this trend has carried over into the professional realm. Overall, computer users spend […]

Live Streaming Server – 7 Pros and Cons to Building a Video Hosting Solution [2021 Update]

live streaming server

Taking a DIY approach to streaming and setting up your own live streaming server may sound like a simple approach to broadcasting live. The fact that everything can be done in-house and on your own terms can be incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, there are a few serious drawbacks to rolling out your own live streaming server.  […]

Best HLS Streaming Software for Live Broadcasting [2021 Update]

hls streaming software

Broadcasting live streaming video requires a variety of specific tools. A key tool is a live streaming encoder that encodes your video files into formats suitable for broadcasting. These come in two main types: 1). hardware encoders and 2) software encoders. This blog will take a look at the best live streaming software available for […]

How to Set Up a Live Streaming Website in 6 Simple Steps [2021 Update]

live streaming websites

Live streaming has found its place in the business world, and it’s serving a multitude of purposes. Some businesses offer paid streaming solutions for events, and others use website streaming as a way to build online communities to support their brands. While it’s possible to use Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and other third-party social media platforms […]

HLS Encoder and Video Bitrate Settings for HTTP Live Streaming [2021 Update]

encoder settings

Live streaming is easier and more accessible than ever before. In fact, successful live broadcasting requires only a few elements. You need a camera, an encoder, an internet connection, and a streaming solutions provider. If you’re not already aware, an HLS encoder is a piece of software or hardware that interfaces between your camera and […]

Comparison of the Top Video Hosting Sites: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

Video Hosting Sites

Video is a key part of many modern businesses. Whether for corporate training, product launch, or broadcasting live conferences, video can be an integral tool for success.  In fact, the global business video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022. That represents an annual growth rate of more than 20%. This brings us […]

Cloud Transcoding: What It Is and Why It’s Important [2021 Update]

cloud transcoding

Online video streaming quality plays a huge role in the viewer experience. In fact, video quality is so important that OTT broadcasters run the risk of revenue losses of up to 25% when their streaming quality is compromised.  Transcoding and encoding are two important processes that help broadcasters maintain high-quality streams. Cloud transcoding, in particular, […]

How to Setup an RTMP Encoder for Live Video Streaming [Updated for 2021]

RTMP Encoder

For many B2C broadcasters, software encoders suffice. However, as a professional broadcaster, it is important to consider using RTMP. RTMP is a video streaming protocol that makes high quality live streaming possible.  Today we’re going to dive into one of the more complicated live streaming topics: RTMP encoding. Let’s discuss how video transcoding fits into […]

Top 6 Live Video Streaming Software: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

video content management system (cms)

In recent years, we’ve entered a very exciting time for online video. Video is taking over the internet, and users are watching more content online than ever before.  Live video streaming is a helpful tool for individuals and businesses alike. Many businesses use live streaming content to better connect with their audiences.  In this post, […]

Comparison of the Top 4 Wistia Alternatives for Video Hosting [Updated for 2021]

wistia alternatives

Live streaming continues to grow along with online video, gaining popularity in recent years across all age groups. Mobile viewing is a huge factor contributing to this increase in online video consumption. In 2017 alone, the amount of time spent watching online videos on mobile devices increased by an average of 35 percent. Given this […]