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Comparing the 23 Best Live Streaming Platforms in 2023

When it comes to live video streaming for professional use, there is so much to know. However, since a top professional-grade live streaming platform is a powerful broadcasting tool that solution providers update regularly, it isn’t easy to find reviews and comparisons that include all the information you need. For new broadcasters looking to get […]

How to Set Up a Live Streaming Website in 11 Simple Steps [2023 Update]

website live streaming

Live streaming has found its place in the business world, and today, the live streaming market serves many purposes. Some businesses offer paid streaming solutions for events, and others use website streaming to build online communities to support their brands. It has become common for businesses to offer video streaming over their video website, especially […]

Top 10 Private Streaming Platforms for Live Stream Events in 2023

Best Private Event Live Streaming Platforms

Ever wondered what it is about telethons that made (and still make!) hoards of people call a random hotline and donate their hard-earned money for a cause? Why can’t the non-profits just send flyers or advertise on social media? It happens to be the same reason content creators prefer to live stream these days instead […]

Comparing the Top 10 HLS Streaming Software for Live Broadcasting [2023 Update]

hls streaming software

Broadcasting live streaming video requires various tools. There are several types of streaming software, including encoders, live switchers, simulcasting tools, and more. Each of these tools plays an important role in enhancing the live streaming experience. In particular, HTTP live HLS streaming software is used with live streams delivered with HLS technology. This post will […]

Live Streaming Server – How to Build One, and Should You Do It?

live streaming server

Taking a DIY approach to streaming and setting up your own video streaming server and streaming process may sound like a simple way to broadcast. The idea of everything getting done in-house and on your own terms can be incredibly appealing. Plus, you get to save money on private video streaming services. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, […]

How to Set Up an RTMP Encoder for Live Video Streaming [Updated for 2023]

rtmp encoder

For many B2C broadcasters, just about any software encoder will suffice. However, as a professional broadcaster, it’s important to consider updating to an encoder that supports RTMP streaming. RTMP stands for “real-time messaging protocol” and is a standard that makes high-quality live streaming possible. In this article, we’ll get into the technical details of RTMP […]

Closed Captioning for Web Video Support with SRT and VTT Files

closed captioning for web video

Looking for streaming solutions to add subtitles or closed captions to your video project? You’ve come to the right place! This article will cover how to do closed captioning for web videos. Closed Captions (often abbreviated “CC”) can convey text information during a video. For example, captions include text and dialogue. Moreover, they can also […]

Best OBS Studio Settings for Broadcasting Live Streams [Updated for 2022]

OBS studio settings

As live video streaming becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, many businesses are experimenting with broadcasting. For those new to live streaming, this involves learning to deal with the many technicalities involved in streaming live video. Some of them are calibrating live streaming settings according to optimal video bitrates and managing stream quality, sound […]

Comparing The 10 Best Video CDN Providers for Live Streaming [2022 Update]

video cdn

The world is currently undergoing a major digital change. This change is focused on many businesses working remotely, canceling in-person events, and searching for ways to keep in touch with employees and clients through technology. With this shift, video content delivery networks (CDNs) are ramping up business to ensure full accessibility for new customers and […]

Comparison of the 15 Best Live Streaming Software: What You Need to Know [Updated for 2022]

live streaming software

Over the last decade, live streaming has become easier to achieve, largely due to advances in streaming software. Streaming software allows anyone from a newbie to an advanced broadcaster to easily create live streams. The global enterprise video market should reach $25.6 billion by 2025. If you do the math, that’s an annual growth rate […]