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Best OBS Studio Settings for Broadcasting Live Streams [Updated for 2023]

obs multiple streams

As live video streaming becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, many businesses are experimenting with broadcasting. For those new to live streaming, this involves learning to deal with the many technicalities involved in streaming live video. Some of them are calibrating live streaming settings according to optimal video bitrates and managing stream output quality, […]

What Is HLS Streaming and When Should You Use It [2023 Update]

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Information

HLS video content has become ubiquitous, video streaming formats have adapted. Adobe Flash Player was once the standard, but now HLS videos are the norm. HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming. It is now the most popular video format for delivering video and audio data over the internet. Combined with HTML5 video players, video streams using HLS […]

Your Guide to the Best Live Streaming Equipment [2023 Update]

live streaming equipment

Video content is booming across many industries. Whether connecting with customers, streaming events, or managing remote teams, a live streaming setup is necessary. If there’s one thing companies should invest in these days, it’s streaming equipment. But what if you need to start streaming right away? You can use the equipment you already have, such […]

Live Streaming Server – How to Build One, and Should You Do It?

live streaming server

Taking a DIY approach to broadcasting and setting up your own video streaming server and streaming process may sound like a simple way to broadcast. The idea of everything getting done in-house and on your own terms can be incredibly appealing. Plus, you get to save money on private video streaming services. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, […]

Encoding for Live Streaming

Live Stream

  When getting started broadcasting live video streams, people often ask what equipment or software they need. Many people think all they need to stream live video is a camera, a microphone, an internet connection, a computer, and a video streaming solution. While those components are necessary, there’s one more aspect that’s just as crucial–encoding […]