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DaCast provides video hosting and live streaming solutions along with highly knowledgable 24/7 customer support, rich content management tools, and an integrated paywall.
Thanks to a Do-It-Yourself environment, DaCast makes it easy to host live events on websites as well as develop complex API-based multimedia workflows.


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akamai streaming solution

Broadcast live anywhere with maximum quality

Enjoy Akamai quality streaming at
very competitive pricing

Our streaming solution is built around Akamai CDN, the largest and most powerful in the world. This allows us to offer unlimited live channels with instant provisioning and maximize quality of experience for viewers.

Live streams, VODs, and audio-only streams can be embedded anywhere for easy, global viewing on any device.

Custom white label
streaming solution

your video content, your brand

Choose a video platform that gives you full control over branding, color schemes, and presentation.
For maximum effect, build your own video portals with the help of DaCast’s professional services and our JSON RESTful APIs.

Monetize your OTT video

Grow your revenue

DaCast’s integrated paywall supports pay-per-view / TVOD and subscriptions / SVOD. A wide variety of ad networks can be used directly with your DaCast player to insert pre-roll ads video. Pick the best method for your business, or use a mix of all three.

Low-latency streaming

Accelerated stream delivery

We now offer a low-latency live streaming solution for professional broadcasters requiring fast delivery. This HLS-based delivery method leverages the Akamai network to provide a latency of under 10 seconds.

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Video APIs for developers

Automate, integrate, and expand with APIs

DaCast’s video content management API provides full programmatic access to upload, manage, stream, monetize, and share content.
Our numerous code samples allow you to rapidly build and deploy your own video platform or integrate online video into your digital media workflows.
Customize every aspect of our native HTML5 video player via the player API.

Hardened security and massive scalability

Our scalable infrastructure provides the performance you need

Choose a streaming solution that’s ready for massive audiences and continuous 24/7 broadcasting. Our streaming platform has no viewer limit and can accommodate even the largest events.
Our secure features and continuous platform monitoring also ensure that your stream stays secure and stable.