Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new monetization section in my Dacast account?

The new monetization features from Dacast have revamped our existing TVOD and SVOD monetization options. You can now customize your paywall, offer promotions and create group pricing.

How do I use Dacast’s new paywall?

Choose which video you’d like to monetize and click the “Monetization” tab. Choose “Add Price” in the “Batch Configuration” drop down menu.

How to set up pricing for my video content?

There are several ways to set up pricing for your video content. The route you choose will depend on your method of monetization. Please see our video monetization walkthrough to learn how to set up pricing with TVOD and SVOD.

How do I apply a promo code to my price?

You can apply promo codes by navigating to the “Monetization” tab of your Dacast portal and using the “Batch Configuration” dropdown to select “Add Promo Code.” Insert information as prompted in the popup window.

What is and how group pricing and how do I set it up?

Set up group pricing by going to “Monetization” then “Dashboard” in your Dacast portal. Click “Sales Group” then “Add New Sales Group.” Add information as prompted.

How do I apply a promo code to my group pricing?

Click the “Monetization” tab then click “Dashboard.” Select the “Group Pricing” tab, then select “Add New Promo Group.” Follow the instructions in the popup window.