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The DaCast Streaming as a Service is a streaming solution for video hosting of previously recorded and edited videos.
The platform provides a variety of features and tools to make video on demand a key component of the system. This includes support for manual stream archiving, mobile broadcasting and video monetization.

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video hosting embed code

Video hosting and streaming

Upload, secure and embed on your website.

DaCast supports video hosting of original video content. Upload large archives of via FTP or host previous live events as video on demand through a simple browser based uploader. Users that already have content hosted on their own servers can upload the content direct. Once on DaCast, the video is served over a worldwide CDN. Viewers can be located anywhere in the world and watch reliably without network congestion.

Watch video on mobile devices

Mobile streaming for video hosting

Through streaming with DaCast, media content is made ready for the mobile market. Viewers can access and enjoy hosted video files through a variety of smart phones and mobile applications. This includes iPad, iPhone and Android phones. DaCast offers a native HTML5 video player. This allows for optimal playback delivery, on a desktop or mobile. No extra setup is required. This is done from both embed codes offered.

All formats supported

Upload and transcode

The best format for on demand content is MP4 (file type), H.264 (video codec) and AAC (audio codec). Files not in this format can still be used over the system, and will be transcoded to the best setting to reach all devices.

Playlist scheduler

Schedule and present like TV

Playlists can mix several video files together to presents a TV channel-like experience. This lets broadcasters have intimate control over how their viewers access their content. Playlists can be altered at any time, juggling out content or adding in more material. The system, in real time, will update the stream to change the media that viewers are watching. This makes it easy to keep a playlist channel updated with relevant content.

video hosting - monetize video

Monetizing video on demand

Earn money from your video files

DaCast allows several ways to monetize premium video and generate immediate revenue. The do it yourself system is capable of doing Pay Per View and subscriptions. Price and duration of access are decided by the user. Viewers purchase content from a player integrated payment system. Many ad servers and ad networks are compatible with DaCast player, allowing you to insert pre-roll ads video into your video content.

Secure Online Video platform

Get access to professional security features

The DaCast system is supported by 24/7 network monitoring. This ensures a reliable and secure video hosting platform. Servers use RAID 5 security so content won’t be lost or interrupted in the instance of a server crash. Broadcasters can restrict video streams based on regions, limiting geographically. Website restriction can also be added so content is only streamed from approved sites and services. Password protection is also available for all type of video content.

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