Over-the-Top (OTT) Platform

Distribute and Monetize Streaming Video Anytime and Anywhere

Broadcast live or on-demand content through Dacast to your own OTT apps across all devices. Nix traditional video broadcasting methods, including satellite and cable.

Powerful Video Content Management System (CMS)

Organize and Manage Your Videos.

Keeping your content organized will save you time and headaches down the road. Dacast’s video streaming CMS portal puts you in control of your content and helps you keep things properly sorted. Learn More

Video Security and Control

Prioritize Your Content.

Keeping your video content in the right hands is important. That’s why Dacast gives you full control over your OTT content with a slew of powerful security features. Stream Securely

Video Monetization

Monetize your OTT video content.

Dacast has multiple monetization tools. You can make money on your video content with subscription VOD, transactional VOD or ad-based Subscriptions. PPV and ads are also available for your live channels and event broadcasts. Monetize Video

Fully Customizable

Add branding elements to the video player.

Many free video players make it impossible for you to take out their branding and add your own. With Dacast’a HTML5 Video Player, you can create a totally white-labeled player that can be easily customized with your own logo and themes. Let's Go

Video API

Customize your CMS with a video API.

Use video API to create the video player that works best for you and your audience. Configure Dacast’s built-in features, such as paywalls and monetization tools, to make the video player your own. Explore API

Global Content Delivery with Top-Tier CDNs

Reach viewers around the world.

Broadcast your content to viewers around the world with the help of our network of reliable content delivery network partners. Get the Details

Expo Video Gallery

Create a Branded Video Showcase.

Display your OTT library in an immersive video gallery, and customize the landing page to reflect your brand. With Expo, you can quickly put together a professional web-like gallery for featured content. Curate an unlimited number of Expos to display different playlists of content to suit your audience’s needs. Monetize your gallery with ad integration or our secure paywall. Get Started

“The support that Dacast offers is particularly good compared to other streaming providers, making them a clear choice for my business.”

- Lindsay George, CEO at ComeSee TV

24/7 Technical Support

The reliable help you need, when you need it

Our customer service team is here 24/7 to help you make the most of your streaming solution. Plus access a comprehensive knowledge base and dynamic online community of professionals.


Most Popular Features

Mobile Streaming

Stream live to phones

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

Learn more

White-label Platform

Your logo, your brand

Customize our video player with your logo and colors to put your brand front and center. The look and feel of your content is completely up to you.

Show Me How


Broadcast in full HD quality

Deliver pristine, quality video with multi-bitrate technology in full HD 1080p resolution to ensure that every viewer has an optimal experience.

Stream in HD

Embed Videos

Share video content

Use embed codes to easily share a video or live stream on any web page. Or, share videos with others via social media.

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Video Transcoding

Deliver your video

Use our transcoding services to offer your viewers the video quality they need according to their devices.

Let's Go

Secure Video Upload

Handle your video library

Bulk upload your video and add the layer of security your want. Access more video uploading and security tools via our advanced video hosting platform.

Upload Securely

Best Streaming Pricing

Feature-rich and cost-competitive

Dacast is the only video platform offering high-performance live streaming and video hosting features at the best prices on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with streaming live?

Getting started with live streaming on Dacast is simple. Start by creating an account then create a live channel Then set preferences such as encoding, embedding, and monetizations and start streaming.

Can I place a live stream in a playlist?

Rather than adding your live stream to a playlist, you can add it to a package. Navigate to the “Setup” tab, and drag and drop your stream to the package of your choice.

How do I create an HTML5 live channel?

Click “Create” in your Dacast portal. A pop-up window will appear, and you’ll be prompted to add a title and channel type. Choose “HTML5 for all devices.”

Can I stream ad-free with Dacast?

You can stream ad-free with every Dacast plan. However, broadcasters have the option to monetize their content with advertisements if they wish to do so.

How do I create an M3U8 media link?

You can create an M3U8 media link in a few steps. To begin, select “Create” in the “Live Channels” section and select “M3U8” as your channel type.

Do you support multi-bitrate streaming live?

Yes, Dacast supports multi-bitrate streaming. The Dacast player automatically detects the different bitrates of your live stream and allows the viewer to choose between them.