Streaming Solution for Music and Entertainment

Broadcast Live Concerts and Events Online.

Live stream concerts, music festivals, and DJ sets with a wide range of professional tools from Dacast’s unified streaming solution. Reach fans and music lovers all around the world to extend the reach of your festival or performance.

Entertainment and Music Live Streaming Platform

Equipped with Pro-Grade Broadcasting Tools.

Take your music events to the next level with online video streaming. With the help of our unified streaming platform, you can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans beyond the walls of your venue. Access professional features including 24/7 HD video streaming, live and VOD video hosting, an integrated paywall for selling PPV and recurring subscriptions, and enjoy low latency live streaming (12-15 seconds).
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Live Broadcasting Made Easy

Stream Music and Entertainment Events with Our End-to-End Streaming Solution


Broadcast Live Concerts

Live stream music events so remote audiences can “attend” in real-time.

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Analyze, Monetize and More

Access insights on your content to gauge the viewers’ interaction and track revenue from your broadcasts.

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Easy Live Recording

Make your shows and sets available for on-demand playback so fans can catch a replay after the live event has ended.

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Live Music Event Streaming

Broadcast Live Concerts and Festivals with Low-Latency Streaming.

Reach an unlimited number of viewers by live streaming with Dacast. Stream shows in real-time, and incorporate prerecorded content if desired. Our partnerships with powerful content delivery networks (CDNs) help you to reach fans in all corners of the world. The placement of our partners’ servers helps to cut the latency of your streams to between 12 and 15 seconds max.
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High-Definition Streaming

Stream in HD and 4K.

Did you know that broadcasters with consistently low video quality tend to lose around a quarter of their revenue? Dacast uses RTMP ingest technology which means that our platform is compatible with the affordable encoders you need for high-quality steaming without a hefty price tag. Your viewers can have a lifelike of the show, even if they are at home. Additionally, our video player is set up for adaptive bitrate streaming. This means that the quality of the video adjusts based on each of your viewers’ internet connection to avoid lagging and buffering.
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Stream Anywhere with OTT Technology

Broadcast to Mobile Devices, Smart TV Apps and More.

Make your broadcast available for streaming on the go so your fans can tune in from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to Dacast’s HTML5 video player paired with OTT technology, your streams will be accessible from any internet-enabled device. The universal nature of this combo will help you reach fans anywhere. Stream to any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, and smart TVs (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick).
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Live Recording and Video on Demand

Auto-Archive Live Content for Playback.

Make your event available to fans to watch after the show has ended with our live recording tool. This feature records your event as it streams live and automatically uploads it to your on-demand video library. This is a great way to build an archive of performances for artists and fans alike.
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Video Monetization with Secure Paywall

Generate Revenue from Your Music and Entertainment Broadcasts.

Event organizers and promoters typically use ticket sales to generate revenue for their events, and online entertainment is no different. You can sell “virtual tickets” to your online music event with video monetization tools. With Dacast’s paywall you can allow viewers to pay-per-view a concert or festival, monetize your music events with online advertisements and sponsored commercials, and charge a subscription fee for unlimited access to audio-only music streaming.
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Audio-Only Streaming

Host Streams with Only Audio.

Although live video streams work for some event coordinators, some prefer audio-only streaming for a simpler process behind the scenes. Additionally, streaming in this fashion is valuable for music broadcasters who aim to produce a stream that is on the same wavelength as a podcast or radio show.
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Advanced Video Analytics

Chart the Viewership of Your Music Event.

Use powerful video analytics to better understand your audience. Analyze different metrics to learn about your event’s viewership. Some analytics are available in real-time. With the Dacast video analytics dashboard, you can assess consumption per time, location and device, plays and viewers per time, and top content.
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Video Privacy and Security

Prevent Piracy with Gold-Standard Security.

We offer a variety of privacy and security features, including domain and geographic/IP restrictions, password protection, token-based security, and AES video encryption. Our most useful feature is our domain restriction capabilities. This blocks unauthorized domains from embedding your video player in their site pages which is essential for combating piracy.
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Live Music and Entertainment Case Study

Learn How Online Media Organizations are Using Dacast.

TV-Polmusic is an online television platform that hosts its videos with Dacast. Discover how their Media Directors use our professional tools to make their broadcasts a success. Take a close look at how they’ve made mobile streaming possible so that their viewers can tune in from anywhere with the internet.
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“The support that Dacast offers is particularly good compared to other streaming providers, making them a clear choice for my business.”

- Lindsay George, CEO at ComeSee TV

24/7 Technical Support

The reliable help you need, when you need it

Our customer service team is here 24/7 to help you make the most of your streaming solution. Plus access a comprehensive knowledge base and dynamic online community of professionals.


Most Popular Features

White-label Platform

Your logo, your brand

Customize our video player with your logo and colors to put your brand front and center. The look and feel of your content are completely up to you.

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Broadcast in full HD quality

Deliver pristine, quality video via the Akamai network in up to full HD 1080p resolution. Deliver videos with multi-bitrate technology to ensure that…

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Embed Videos

Share video content

Use embed codes to easily share a video or live stream on any web page. Or, share videos with others via social media.

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Mobile Streaming

Stream live to phones

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

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API-based OVP

Build new applications

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

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Video Transcoding

Deliver your video

Use our transcoding services to offer your viewers the video quality they need according to their devices.

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Best Streaming Pricing

Feature-rich and cost-competitive

Dacast is the only video platform offering high-performance live streaming and video hosting features at the best prices on the market.

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6 Reasons to Choose Dacast

Live Streaming and Video Hosting Platform

Monetization On All Plans

Monetization On All Plans

Monetize your video content with secure, easy-to-use features. Facilitate global payments, control rates, and promos using a built-in paywall.
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Top-Tier Content Delivery Networks

Top-Tier CDNs

Leverage top-tier CDNs with distributed server networks. The global nature of these servers ensures scalable and high-quality live streaming.
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Video On Demand Platform

Video On Demand Platform

Host, manage and monetize your live and on-demand content, scaling your VOD business through a secure, streaming platform.
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Universal HTML5 Video Streaming

Universal HTML5 Streaming

Stream video through a customizable video player, utilize white-label solutions, and embed features to eliminate external distractions across all devices.
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Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Broadcast live or on-demand content through Dacast to your own OTT apps across all devices. Distribute and monetize streaming video anytime and anywhere.
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24/7 Tech Support and Knowledgebase

24/7 Tech Support and Help

Contact us 24/7 via live chat or access all the video tutorials and written guides, and explore all features of the video hosting platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a live streaming video for my online music website?

Setting up a live stream with Dacast is simple. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you set up your live stream in minutes.

Can I monetize my live streaming broadcasts with Dacast?

Yes, with the new monetization features from Dacast, we support advertising, subscriptions, and pay-per-view options. You can now customize your paywall, offer promotions and create group pricing.

Is my online music or entertainment stream private and secure?

Yes. Dacast provides several security features and privacy settings to keep your live event stream secure.

How can I embed a video on my website?

You can embed a video on your website by copying the embed code from Dacast and pasting it in the HTML of your website.

Can I stream ad-free with Dacast?

Yes, ad-free streaming is available with Dacast. Free trials and all levels of accounts (monthly and pay as you go) can broadcast ad-free content. However, you have the option to use advertising to monetize your live streams.

Can I broadcast in HD over Dacast?

Yes, Dacast users can stream high-definition feeds, the exact bitrate of which is dependent on the encoder being used to live stream. To stream at HD, please select a bitrate over 1.4MB a second and a resolution that is 720p or higher.