Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I experience an API issue in my account?

You can test each API call directly in the documentation. If you experience any issues, you can contact our API customer support team at

Does Dacast support x264?

Yes, Dacast supports the x264 video codec for both live streaming and also on-demand streaming. x264 is very similar to the H.264 video codec, and both are ideal choices for broadcasting over Dacast.

How do I link Google Analytics to my account?

Linking Google Analytics to your Dacast account requires just a few simple steps. Check out our Guide to Google Analytics for a step-by-step breakdown.

How can I embed a video on my website?

Embed a video on your website by copying an embed code in the “Publish Settings” and paste the piece of code in your site’s HTML.

What is the new monetization section in my Dacast account?

The new monetization features from Dacast have revamped our existing TVOD and SVOD monetization options. You can now customize your paywall, offer promotions and create group pricing.

How do I use Dacast’s new paywall?

Choose which video you’d like to monetize and click the “Monetization” tab. Choose “Add Price” in the “Batch Configuration” drop down menu.