I have an API issue, what can I do?

You’re using our API and are having issues with it?

Step 1: have you double check the API documentation?

  • Our documentation is automatically updated each time we improve our API.
  • You can test each API call directly in the documentation. To do so, please enter your broadcaster ID (BID) and your API key using the following format: broadcaster ID_API key 
    Those information are available in your API section under your PREFERENCES section

Step 2: Did you know we had published 2 SDKs to help you using our API?

  • SDK for javascript available here, documentation included: https://github.com/dacast/api-nodejs
  • SDK for php available here, documentation included: https://github.com/dacast/api-php

Step 3: If you are still having issues after investigating on our available tools and documentation, then we suggest you to write an email to api@dacast.com including:

  • “API issues” in the object of the email
  • your API key
  • the API call you made including the time when you tried it
  • any response or error message you received

For faster response, please be advised not to include non API related issues in this email.
Thank you

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