Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a custom HTML5 player theme?

To create a customer HTML5 player theme, you must complete a few simple steps. First, navigate to the “Preferences” page and click “Player Customizations.” Click “Create New Theme” and fill in the fields with information about your player. Click “Save” and you’re done.

Which is the Best Online Video Player on the Market?

THEOPlayer is the most popular online video player on the market. For more context on features such as adaptive playback and HLS, check out this tutorial on how to upgrade to the Dacast HTML5 player framework.

Is the Dacast player based on the THEOplayer technology?

Yes, the Dacast video player is based on THEOplayers technology. For a detailed walkthrough, check out the HTML5 Player FAQ” to learn more about the technology and the new player framework.

Is there a built-in chat for the Dacast HTML5 player within the new framework?

Dacast has removed the built-in chat feature in order to accommodate requirements for mobile applications. There are several chat programs you can embed alongside your Dacast video player.

How do I create a playlist channel?

Creating a playlist on Dacast only requires a few simple steps. Navigate to “Channel Packages and Playlists” and click “Create.” For a tutorial with visuals, check out our “Creating a Playlist Channel” walkthrough.

Can I do an audio-only live stream?

Yes, Dacast allows audio-only live streams. To do audio-only live streaming, simply set up a regular live stream as you normally would. Then, in the encoder settings, uncheck the “video” feature, and your stream will become audio-only.