Introducing the New Dacast Video Player

New player - Nov 2021

The new Dacast player has arrived, and it looks better than ever!

At Dacast, we want to make sure to provide our broadcasters and their viewers the best experience possible. This new and improved video player is designed to do just that.

Here are some improvements the new Dacast player offers.

1. New Design

We’ve revamped our video player design to look even more professional and provide a more pleasant experience for your viewers.

The new Dacast player is easier to use, and it is more visually appealing with clearer control bar buttons and rendition labels.  

New player - improved control bar and pwd UX

Your audience deserves to get the best of your video content, which is why we created a cleaner video player. With our new player, your content will truly stand out, making it more enjoyable to watch. Plus, this new player is mobile-friendly and adaptive for everyone and from anywhere.

New player - mobile friendly

2. Better Experience

Beyond the more modern and appealing design, broadcasters will also experience much easier navigation thanks to the new player controls. 

New player - better expire live and social media share

Overall, our new player includes more customization and accessibility to improve ​​your videos’ performance and convey your message more effectively.

Our video player now allows you to select the color of the player’s text to make it easier to read. You can also customize the colors of the control bar and buttons to put your brand front and center. But wait… There’s more! You now also have the option of personalizing your brand text by choosing its color and adding a colorful background to make it stand out.

Start playing with your new video player now!

Not yet a Dacast user? Start using the new player for free with our 14-day trial!

Any questions? Please contact our support team in chat or via email

Harmonie Duhamel

Harmonie is a Senior digital marketer with over 6 years in the Tech Industry. She has a strong marketing and sales background and loves to work in multilingual environments.