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The 15 Best White Label Video Platforms and Streaming Services

White label streaming service

White-label video platforms are crucial to the professional look and user experience you must deliver to capture the growing live stream audience. You can nix third-party branding and advertisements that often come with free video hosting platforms and focus on your brand. This simple upgrade increases the professionalism of your content. In the past couple […]

Comparing the Top 13 Restream Alternatives for Multistreaming in 2023

restream alternatives

Restream is a popular video streaming software. It has multiple tools for editing videos, streaming to multiple platforms, and improving audience engagement. Although Restream is a powerful software, there might be better options for you because it has restricted functionalities. In such a case, choosing a Restream alternative can offer you a better opportunity to […]

How to Create Case Study Videos That Convert New Customers

case study videos

Video is a powerful sales tool, and using the words of your satisfied customers in a video makes your videos even more successful. Showing potential customers the experiences of others just like themselves on tape lends a humanizing quality to your business. Your potential customers see that your product or service does what you promise […]

Top 26 Alternatives to Vimeo in 2023: Pricing, Features & More

vimeo alternatives

Remember Vimeo? The video-sharing platform launched in 2004 and emerged as a competitor to the famous site “Collegehumor.” Vimeo was one of the earliest platforms for video makers and content creators. The platform that preceded YouTube was considered an industry leader in small-scale online streaming. But one thing we learned from the fall of Nokia […]

How to Embed Live Streaming Video on Your Website [2022 Update]

iframe embed code

Nearly 44% of people watch less live TV because they are instead watching live streams online. And over 80% of audiences prefer to watch a live video over reading a blog. So, to connect with a modern audience, you must broadcast live. Thankfully for broadcasters in the streaming business, the live streaming industry has evolved […]

The 20+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting [2022 Update]

live streaming apps

Ask yourself: would you prefer to watch a video of Gordan Ramsey cooking a steak or read about it? You’d want to watch the magic happen on video. And you’re not the only one; your audience probably has the same approach to content consumption. Live videos are becoming an essential part of a broader content […]

The 10 Best Zoom Live Streaming Alternatives – What You Need to Know [2022 Update]

zoom live streaming

​​​During the pandemic, Zoom usage increased significantly as more people worked and attended school from home. People needed a way to connect face-to-face without being in the same space.  Zoom, a video communication platform, became a lifeline for many businesses and schools. However, many users who used Zoom for live streaming meetings soon learned that […]

How to Host and Embed an HLS Live Stream on Your Website

embed hls stream

As the industry standards for video playback continue to evolve, so does live streaming technology. New features like HLS streaming push viewers’ experience even further by providing them with smooth and consistent viewing quality no matter where they are located in relation to your broadcasting location! With the death of Flash players and the rise […]

How to Set Up a Multi-Camera Live Streaming Webcast [2022 Update]

multi camera live streaming

Live-stream webcasts might seem like the latest trend, but the concept is anything but new. Although with time, the audience’s reception of the unofficial golden standard of live-streaming is turning from love to loathe as their viewing choices grow. Today, viewers expect high-quality cinematic work from live-streaming webcasts. Single-camera, one-shot live streams are no longer […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Top 21 Online Video Platforms in 2022

online video platform

Suppose you’re fond of aimlessly scrolling through your phone and finding new and engaging content to keep your spirits high throughout the day. In that case, chances are you spend most of your time-consuming content from online video platforms. However, if you’re an entrepreneur or a remote employee, you’ll require digital video platforms to keep […]