Top 5 Video Streaming Platforms Comparison 2019

When it comes to doing live streaming, it can be challenging to know where to start. One of the first components for new broadcasters to consider–how to choose their online video platform (OVP) from among many video streaming platforms on the market. And that’s where we come in! When it comes to pro streaming solutions, […]

Enterprise Video Streaming Platform: The Best Choice at the Best Price

The global enterprise video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022. Today, this industry has an annual growth rate of more than 20 percent. Given that trend, this article considers how enterprises are using OTT video services. Additionally, we’ll cover the most important OVP features, as well as how to access an enterprise […]

Viewer’s Internet Speed Needed For Streaming

Online video is booming. Starting in 2015, young millennials (ages 14-25) began watching more video on digital devices than on television. This has major implications for media businesses. The video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021. Live streaming is making up the majority of that growth. This blog will look at issues […]

Comparing Kaltura Competitors: Video Streaming Platforms Wowza and DaCast

Kaltura competitors

Every year, more and more broadcasters are taking advantage of the power of video content. For example, sales reps have used video content to grow revenue 200% – 300%. Likewise, businesses use video to conduct trainings. Moving away from traditional TV advertising, media companies are streaming video content online. Today, video has become one of […]

Comparing Live Streaming CDN Providers: Azure, CloudFront, Cloudflare, and Beyond

comparing live streaming CDN

The video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021. Live streaming is making up the majority of that growth. Countless businesses are getting involved in this industry by building their own video streaming platforms. Often, this requires comparing live streaming CDN providers—the topic of this article. Simply put, a CDN is […]

5 Essential Features For Your Enterprise Video Platform

enterprise video platform

Today, video has long since been a cornerstone of business operations. Businesses use video content for training, internal communications, product releases and demos, advertising, sales pitches, and much more. Enterprises have recognized this trend and have begun to adapt themselves. In this article, we’ll review the essential features of an enterprise video platform. When it […]

5 Business OTT Platforms for Over-The-Top Video Content

Global OTT subscriptions are expected to hit 473 million in 2018, an 18 percent growth from 2017. More and more people are relying on internet video as the primary source of their entertainment. This article will look at how businesses are leveraging OTT platforms to manage, host, and deliver OTT content at scale. Specifically, we’ll […]

2019 Live Streaming CDN Pricing Comparison

In the words of marketing guru Neil Patel, “Live video streaming is accessible and beneficial to everyone, and it’s time you started using it.” Before you do so, however, you’ll want to consider live streaming CDN pricing, as well as pricing for video streaming hosts. This post offers a live streaming CDN pricing comparison with updated information […]

What Is the Best OVP to Stream Live Paid Educational Videos?


Video use in education can be “highly effective“—and highly lucrative for producers. With revenues from OTT video expected to surpass $20 billion this year (2019), there’s never been a better time to join the industry. Given that trend, this article will present information about the best way to monetize video for education. In particular, we’ll […]