Ebook: 7 Key Considerations for Growing Your Video Streaming Business

Modern businesses across diverse industries and sectors are increasingly reliant on online video. Whether for education, marketing and branding, live event coverage, or online training, video has become central to most businesses today. However, to ensure high-quality content and reliable delivery to global viewers, many professionals will need to choose a business-oriented video hosting platforms. […]

DaCast’s New Partnership with Inplayer for Advanced Paywall

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership that brings powerful new monetization functionality to DaCast! We’re now partnering with InPlayer to bring a full revamp of our secure paywall to all of our users. This will allow you to monetize your live streams and VOD content easier than ever before. Worldwide OTT revenue […]

Video Monetization: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use DaCast’s New Paywall

By 2021, the live streaming industry could reach $70.05 billion. Online video as a whole represents an even bigger market. Business is booming thanks to online video. This blog will present 6 reasons why you should use our streaming solutions for your video monetization needs. Video monetization is key to the boom in online video. […]

2019 Online Video Platform Comparison: Top 5 Platforms

top 5 comparison

As you’re likely aware, mass media is in the midst of a revolution. A key element in this is the proliferation of the online video platform. Starting in 2015, millennials ages 14-25 began watching more digital video than television. In recent years, these trends have only accelerated. Today, almost two-thirds of people ages 18-34 watch […]

Success Story: How Gresham College Provides Free Education For Millions With Online Video Courses

Gresham College has provided free public talks within the City of London for over 400 years. Founded in 1597, the college is London’s oldest institution of higher education. Today, Gresham College uses online video as a way to extend its reach and provide free education to all. Online Video Courses: Making Education Accessible to All […]

Success Story: How TopGolf’s Lively Atmosphere Comes Across Through Online Video

Topgolf Logo

Not your typical golf facility, TopGolf is an innovative golf experience that combines friendly competition with games, food, music and fun in a party-like environment. Although golf has traditionally been popular with older crowds, and mini golf is popular amongst families, TopGolf was conceived as a way to make playing the game of golf more […]

How to Create Live Scoreboards When Streaming Sports Online

streaming sports online

In today’s world, online sports streaming is booming in popularity. Companies like DAZN, for example, have moved from filming in the stands to making billion-dollar deals with sport leagues. Overall, more than 30 percent of fans now stream sports to their phones or tablets. In fact, that number is rising rapidly. As this trend shows, […]

Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting in 2019

streaming solutions for video hosting

It’s been nearly four years since the millennial demographic began consistently consuming more digital video than TV. The OTT video industry is flourishing, with 2017 worldwide revenue coming close to $47 billion. By 2022, experts predict that OTT revenue worldwide will reach $83.4 billion. As a direct result, more and more businesses across all sectors are […]

Top 6 Strategies to Increase Video Views for Live Broadcasts and VOD

When you publish a video online, whether live streamed or recorded, you want people to see it. With that goal in mind, this post offers six key strategies for increasing your video views–for both live broadcasts and video on-demand (VOD). In 2018, Ericsson ConsumerLab’s report found that the average person in the U.S. watches four […]