Live Streaming Classroom – How to Live Stream a Class Online [2021 Update]

live streaming classroom

Online education has never been more important than it is today. The ability to learn online gives more flexibility to both educators and students. While pandemics are not the typical cause for school emergency closures, the need for live streaming classrooms and online education solutions has made itself known in the past year since the […]

Comparing the Top 10 Video CDN Providers for Live Streaming in 2021

video streaming cdn

The world is currently undergoing a major digital change. This change is focused on a lot of businesses working remotely, canceling in-person events, and searching for ways to keep in touch with employees and clients through technology. With this shift, video content delivery networks (CDNs) are ramping up business to ensure full accessibility for new […]

10 Best OTT Service Providers for VOD and Live Streaming [2021 Update]

OTT Providers

Did you know that nearly half of the homes in the United States have multiple subscriptions to over-the-top (OTT) streaming services? According to a study by streaming media tracker Parks Associates found, these customers weren’t able to find all their interests in one OTT solution provider, which is why they’re subscribing to many.  With the […]

The Truth about “Unlimited Live Streaming” for Professional Broadcasting

unlimited live streaming

Many live streaming solutions use “unlimited live streaming” as a major selling point. However, this can be misleading in a few ways. There are “unlimited” aspects of live streaming, but there is no such thing as “unlimited live streaming.” In this post, we’re going to uncover some truths about unlimited webcasting. We will talk about […]

How to Increase Live Viewers by 800% and Get More People to Watch Your Streams

live viewers

In today’s video-dominant world, live streaming software has proven to be particularly valuable for businesses. No matter what the desired end result may be, one common goal for businesses who live stream is to get in front of their target audience.  Starting your first live stream and instantly getting thousands of viewers would be nice, […]

Comparison of the Top 10 Live Streaming Software: What You Need to Know [Updated for 2021]

live streaming software

Thanks to the development of technology over the past decade, live streaming has become easier and more powerful than ever before. Evidence of this appears all around us in our daily lives.  Research shows that the global enterprise video market should reach $25.6 billion by 2025. If you do the math, that’s an annual growth […]

Top 10 Livestream Alternatives: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

livestream alternatives

Some people have the mistaken notion that Livestream is the only professional video streaming solution on the market. Its name contributes to the notoriety, but there are many Livestream alternatives on the market. Not only are there other comparable options, but by many measures, other streaming solutions are superior. In this article, we will take […]

Comparing the Top 16 Video Streaming Hosting Providers: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

video streaming hosting

Did you know that 59% of executives have reported that they’d rather consume information through a video as opposed to reading the written text? People have turned to streaming video hosting services for news, entertainment, sports, and more so it makes sense that this trend has carried over into the professional realm. Overall, computer users spend […]

How to Live Stream Conferences and Virtual Meetings [2021 Update]

conference live streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced conference organizers across the globe to postpone their events, sometimes indefinitely. And with the predicted resurgence in infections during the winter months, businesses are faced with the decision of whether to wait until they can host conferences in person again or to change tactics completely. With live streaming software, organizers […]

How to Use Virtual Streaming for Remote Events [2021 Update]

virtual streaming

Over the past few years, remote events have grown quite popular. Companies and organizations are using them to share information and build communities with people around the world. Recent situations have proven the value of virtual event streaming. The ability to live stream conferences, meetings, webinars, and even events for leisure has come in handy […]