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Comparison of the Top 15 VOD Platforms: What You Need to Know [2023 Update]

VOD platforms

Providing video content is paramount for any business or organization looking to succeed today. Did you know that 59% of executives report that they prefer to consume information through video than reading text? To go even further, a massive  82% of global internet traffic came from video in 2023. People use online video for everything from news, education, […]

What Is H.264 Streaming Encoder?

h.264 Encoding Format

Video streaming online has fundamentally changed the way we consume information. With technology constantly evolving, it’s natural that advanced video coding should improve image quality and make for increasingly easy video transmission. For broadcasters, companies and creators and regardless of the industry, this rapid advancement can mean keeping up can be difficult. But it’s essential you […]

Top 26 Alternatives to Vimeo in 2023: Pricing, Features & More

vimeo alternatives

Vimeo was one of the first video-sharing platforms that set the stage for those to come. When it first launched, it was unprecedented. Users could upload videos directly in just a few clicks and share them around the world. However, competitors such as YouTube have since taken the world by storm. As of 2023, Vimeo […]

OTT Hosting and Video Delivery: 10 Best Solutions for 2023

Platforms for OTT Video

The decline of traditional cable TV continues and the over-the-top (OTT) video industry continues to climb. By the day, more and more people are switching to streaming media content over the internet. Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and other sorts of streaming technology is increasingly commonplace, all vying to create a tailored experience for users. […]

The Pros and Cons of Using MKV vs. MP4 for Video Streaming

Technology is constantly evolving, and the quality of technology you possess can make or break your content’s success. When it comes to video streaming formats, you have two major choices today: MKV or MP4. But which one to choose? Streamers, broadcasters and professionals often have a hard time choosing which format works best for them. […]