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The 20+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting [2022 Update]

live streaming apps

Ask yourself: would you prefer to watch a video of Gordan Ramsey cooking a steak or read about it? You’d want to watch the magic happen on video. And you’re not the only one; your audience probably has the same approach to content consumption. Live videos are becoming an essential part of a broader content […]

VOD Streaming – What It Is and How It Works with OTT [2022 Update]

The amount of TV we watch has been steadily declining for some time now. But that doesn’t mean people are consuming less content. Today’s viewers are truly spoiled for choice regarding streaming options. VOD stands for video on demand, and it’s making waves in the content delivery and entertainment industry.  Video on demand (VOD) is […]

Decoding 720p: The Best Streaming Resolution Settings for Live Quality Video

streaming resolutions

You probably started live streaming to channel your inner AdinRoss, or even become the next NICKMERCS. Or maybe you create live streams to spread awareness for a cause or to grow your client base for your business or organization.  Unless you’re a video fanatic, you probably didn’t get into live streaming to learn all about […]

The 10 Best Video Monetization Platforms – What You Need to Know [2022 Update]

video monetization platform

Video monetization is skyrocketing growth for broadcasters and online brands. Streaming research shows that video ads grew by 46% last year, with live content doubling its market share. Not to mention that online viewership is up by 72%. The future of video monetization is looking even more promising in the new year as we approach […]

The 10 Best OTT Streaming Services (+10 OTT Platforms for Building Your Own)

The way we consume entertainment content, particularly video, has changed drastically over the last decade. The number of people turning to the internet for news, entertainment, education, and more has skyrocketed. The online streaming market is powered by Over-the-top (OTT) video technology. The OTT video services market is consistently rising, predicted to be worth $247 […]

How Video-on-Demand Platforms Help Your Business and How to Create One

Video-on-demand is the new Cable TV – but better. Many businesses are monetizing their libraries of on-demand video content, from educational courses to fitness training videos and internal resources for new employees. As a whole, the video-on-demand market is blooming. In 2022, the market is expected to bring nearly $95 billion worldwide. And the space […]

The Definitive Guide to HTML5 Video Players (+ Best 15 HTML5 Video Players)

html5 video players

Remember the good ol’ days when Adobe’s Flash players were pretty much the only option we had to play any type of video content on browsers? All web-based video players that adhered to this defacto standard have taken an almost 360-degree turn for the better. In 2022, Adobe’s browser plug-in Flash player seems almost as […]

How to Live Stream on Zoom with a Professional Video Platform

How to Use Zoom

Who would have thought kids would be glad to return to school one day? That’s just one of the many unpredictable changes that came with the covid 19 pandemic and shutdowns. The new normal seems to be settling in now that we’re almost done with 2022, from adopting better hand hygiene practices to normalizing work-from-home.   […]

The Pros and Cons of Using MKV vs. MP4 for Video Streaming

As a professional broadcaster or live streamer, you must understand the technology that makes or breaks your content. Choosing the appropriate video streaming format is part of that learning curve. A hotly debated topic in the world of streaming is the choice between two video formats: MKV vs. MP4. Streamers often need help deciding which […]

OTT Content Management Systems: What You Need to Know About Video CMS in 2022

ott cms

A few decades ago, what would someone do if someone needed to research a topic? Go to the library, ask an experienced mentor, or read about it in newspapers or magazines. What do we do now? Simply take our phones out and search for whatever information we require on a search engine. Today’s OTT content […]