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How to Host and Embed an HLS Live Stream on Your Website

embed hls stream

Technology and industry standards continue to evolve. As such, so too does live streaming technology. New standards and features like HLS streaming improve the viewer experience. With this continuous betterment in technology and live streaming video streams evermore popular, it’s vital organizations using them stay competitive. Now that HTML5 video has replaced Adobe Flash as […]

Pay-Per-View Video Streaming: What It Is and How It Works [2024 Update]

Pay Per View Video Hosting

Pay-per-view video hosting is a great way to monetize your content. With pay-per-view (PPV), your viewers get the option to sample your content without commitment. This alone is a powerful and enticing method to gain new viewers.  Whether it is through pay-per-view video platform events, a sports streaming website, or for a media production company–based […]

Continuous Streaming: How to Produce a 24/7 Live Stream

24/7 Live stream

The power of live-streaming is irrefutable. Every day, millions tune in to live channels to watch watch live videos, live TV and live sports. This ubiquitousness has inspired more organizations and broadcasters to stream their own live videos. Increasingly, 24-hour live streams are part of this on-demand content stream. Organizations and big businesses in all […]

Mobile Live Streaming: How to Live Stream from a Mobile Phone [2024 Update]

Right now, there are a whopping 6.92 billion mobile users worldwide. That’s 86.2% of the entire world’s population that’s using mobile phones every day. As technology continues to rapidly improve, and as more of the world has access to the internet, mobile technology use and the way we use mobile technology are constantly changing and […]

How to Live Stream with Pre-Recorded Video


Pre-recorded live streaming is a smart move for many broadcasters with many benefits.  For starters, pre-recording a live streaming event is a great way to add multimedia content to a live video streaming broadcast. It’s also an excellent tool in that it enables viewers to catch-up on your content later if they weren’t available when […]