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Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Online video content has a whopping 92% audience reach around the globe. That includes everything from music videos to tutorials to marketing content. Part of the reason we’re so attracted to video content is because of its story-telling element. Historically, storytelling has been our preferred means of communication. It’s always been a binding force for […]

What Is H.264 Streaming Encoder?

h.264 Encoding Format

Streaming has transformed the way we consume information, in line with rapidly transcending technological advancements. It is now possible to use video content to effortlessly attract multiple audiences, a convenient and easily accessible method for reaching users via the formats they prefer consuming. Regardless of your intentions or the industry you operate within, video is […]

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Streaming has become a popular convention across multiple platforms. It’s a great way to present visual information that educates, informs, and entertains. Streaming has emerged as a fantastic online medium because it’s scalable and users can capitalise on the increased network bandwidth they have access to. Live streaming is more commonplace than ever before, where […]

What Is Transcoding and Why Is It Important to Video Streaming?

Video is essential to any successful marketing strategy. Though it’s long been a preferred medium for viewers to effortlessly digest information, video has gained further momentum as a fantastic way to inform your audience, gain exposure, and build authority. With this being said, the effectiveness of a video campaign is driven by the way content […]

DRM Video Encryption: How Is Video DRM Making Your Content Safer Online?

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the famous Kentucky fried chicken is bound to ask, “what’s in there?” after their first bite. What’s in it exactly remains a secret to this day, though.  The secrecy around the notoriously well-guarded recipe is next level. According to urban legend, the founder of KFC, Harland Sanders, went to extreme lengths […]

Top 10 Online Live Streaming Class Platforms for Remote Learning [2022 Update]

online live class platform

Online education has gained unprecedented popularity ever since the pandemic hit. And with that, the demand for high-end, feature-rich, e-learning-focused live streaming platforms has increased tremendously. Live streaming is one of the most useful technologies for virtual learning because it allows for the feeling of a virtual classroom and real-time interaction. You can deliver live […]

Continuous Streaming: How to Produce a 24/7 Live Stream

24/7 Live stream

Live-streaming has been an online rage for a hot minute now, with more and more brands understanding its potential and jumping on the bandwagon to start their own online channels. 24-hour live streams are the latest variation of the trend, and you can also use them to your advantage. Organizations and businesses of all sizes […]

Best Video Bitrate for Streaming in 2022

Releasing video content for public consumption is a fantastic way to gain business exposure. Consumers are always looking for information to inform their purchases, and Google will rank your business higher on the results pages if you enhance the user experience. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience and engage visitors with useful content, […]

Video Bitrate: What Is It & How Do You Choose?

video bitrate

In today’s fast-evolving consumer landscapes, video has emerged as a popular medium to resonate with most audiences. Video can be used to deliver exciting and informative messages, where you can capture everything you need to draw the attention of and communicate with the viewer. Let’s set the scene: You’ve devised a video content strategy, gathered […]

Comparison of the 10 Best Encoding Software – Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Encoding Software

One essential element for live streaming is functional live stream encoding software (or hardware). It’s a tool that transcodes video from one format to another. Encoder lets you capture video content from a source you previously selected (your webcam, a camera, or phone). Then you can send this content to your online video platform to […]