Broadcast Fitness and Exercise Classes

Stream, Record and Monetize Your Live Fitness Classes Online.

Host live group classes for remote fitness lovers. Get paid while your students work out from anywhere with the internet. Access powerful features for a professional broadcasting experience, including advanced analytics, monetization options, screen countdowns, video API, and more.

Streaming Platform for Fitness Classes

Fully-Loaded with Professional Broadcasting Features.

Launch your own fitness platform to teach students both near and far with the help of Dacast’s white-label streaming solutions. With Dacast’s Online Video Platform, you can make broadcasts available on desktops and smart devices, create live channels for Fire TV Stick, Roku, Apple TV and become a trusted online fitness trainer for people from all walks of life.
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Streaming Fitness Made Easy

Live Stream Classes Online to Any Device


Record Your Fitness Classes

Capture your workout classes for live streaming or playback on demand.

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Broadcast Your Class

Bring classes to your fitness students in real-time to the web, mobile, and on-demand playback through OTT.

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Analyze, Monetize and More

Powerful features to track students’ behavior and customize the broadcasting experience.

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Build a Digital Fitness Studio with OTT

Broadcast Over-the-Top to Deliver Fitness Classes Live or for Playback.

Bundle live and VOD content to enhance accessibility for your fitness students. With Dacast’s award-winning OTT solution, you can live stream or record your broadcasts and make them available for on-demand playback. Embed our white-label video player on your website, mobile app, or smart TV app to showcase your collection of fitness classes, and brand content with your own logos to create an on-brand viewing experience.
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Easy to Use and Setup

Set Up Live Streaming in a Matter of Minutes.

You’re a professional in the fitness space, but broadcasting may be new to you. Luckily for you, Dacast’s platform is simple to use and set up. Setting up your encoder and channel for your first live class only takes a few simple clicks.
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Stream Anywhere with Cloud Hosting

Host Your Fitness Videos in the Cloud.

With Dacast, you can make your classes available over the internet. Bring your studio to your students’ screens. Anywhere, anytime. In addition to streaming live to your website and social media platforms, cloud video hosting makes it possible to create live web channels on platforms such as Roku or Apple TV, leverage our Mobile and Player SDKs to personalize your students’ experiences on mobile and smart TV apps.
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Customizable Video Player

Stream Without Third-Party Ads or Logos.

Customizability and adaptability are two characteristics that make Dacast’s HTML5 all-device video player so valuable to broadcasters. Dacast uses THEOplayer to make sure your digital fitness classes can be delivered to any type of device. This way, no student has to worry about being unable to access your online training session. Additionally, this white-label video player eliminates distracting logos and advertisements from third-party brands.
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Mobile Video Streaming

Broadcast Workout Classes to Every Device.

Dacast fully supports mobile streaming and mobile broadcasting, making working out together convenient for both you and your viewers. Thanks to the adaptive HTML5 video player and OTT technology, your students can work out with you from anywhere with internet access and a smartphone. With the help of our Mobile and Player SDKs, you can personalize your student’s experiences on mobile apps, as well as record and live stream straight from your smartphone.
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Build a Video On Demand Library

Record and Save Live and On-Demand Content for Playback.

Auto-archive your live streams to make them available on-demand. Create a VOD platform so that your audience can access past fitness classes at their convenience. Build playlists for specific types of workouts so students can choose what they’d like to work on.
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Video Monetization with Secure Paywall

Generate Revenue From Your Live Fitness Classes.

Monetize your online fitness classes in a few different ways. Use subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertisements to make money on your fitness content – secure payment is a guarantee. With Dacast’s integrated paywall, you can use short ads to generate revenue from sponsors, sell all-access season passes to your digital fitness studio, and allow students to purchase access to single workout sessions.
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Advanced Video Analytics

See Who’s Working Out with You.

Get to know your students so that you can develop personalized workout content. Use advanced video analytics to monitor audience behavior and gauge the success of your video.
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Embed Live Video on Your Website

Broadcast Fitness Classes on Your Site.

Make your site the official spot for all of your paid fitness classes. Prioritize your viewers’ experience by embedding your live videos on your website. Wipe out third-party ads and logos to keep your workout classes distraction-free.
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Video Privacy and Security

Protect Your Hard Earned Workouts.

In the world of online fitness coaching, it is important to keep your content safe from opportunists that want to pirate and resell your video classes. We use a variety of security protocols and encryptions to secure your content. Keep your video content and sensitive information secure with password protection, HTTPS delivery, IP and domain restrictions, DRM, and more.
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Live Fitness Case Study

Learn How Other Fitness Instructors are Using Dacast.

yoopod brings award-winning exercise classes to your screen via online video. Training young and old, rookies and veterans across the globe, the team makes pilates and yoga classes accessible to everyone via online courses. Learn how yoopod grew 50% year over year, with a 62% increase in traffic leveraging Dacast’s video hosting platform.
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“The support that Dacast offers is particularly good compared to other streaming providers, making them a clear choice for my business.”

- Lindsay George, CEO at ComeSee TV

24/7 Technical Support

The reliable help you need, when you need it

Our customer service team is here 24/7 to help you make the most of your streaming solution. Plus access a comprehensive knowledge base and dynamic online community of professionals.


Most Popular Features

White-label Platform

Your logo, your brand

Customize our video player with your logo and colors to put your brand front and center. The look and feel of your content are completely up to you.

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Broadcast in full HD quality

Deliver pristine, quality video via the Akamai network in up to full HD 1080p resolution. Deliver videos with multi-bitrate technology to ensure that…

Stream in HD

Embed Videos

Share video content

Use embed codes to easily share a video or live stream on any web page. Or, share videos with others via social media.

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Mobile Streaming

Stream live to phones

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

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API-based OVP

Build new applications

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

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Video Transcoding

Deliver your video

Use our transcoding services to offer your viewers the video quality they need according to their devices.

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Best Streaming Pricing

Feature-rich and cost-competitive

Dacast is the only video platform offering high-performance live streaming and video hosting features at the best prices on the market.

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6 Reasons to Choose Dacast

Live Streaming and Video Hosting Platform

Monetization On All Plans

Monetization On All Plans

Monetize your video content with secure, easy-to-use features. Facilitate global payments, control rates, and promos using a built-in paywall.
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Top-Tier Content Delivery Networks

Top-Tier CDNs

Leverage top-tier CDNs with distributed server networks. The global nature of these servers ensures scalable and high-quality live streaming.
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Video On Demand Platform

Video On Demand Platform

Host, manage and monetize your live and on-demand content, scaling your VOD business through a secure, streaming platform.
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Universal HTML5 Video Streaming

Universal HTML5 Streaming

Stream video through a customizable video player, utilize white-label solutions, and embed features to eliminate external distractions across all devices.
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Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Broadcast live or on-demand content through Dacast to your own OTT apps across all devices. Distribute and monetize streaming video anytime and anywhere.
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24/7 Tech Support and Knowledgebase

24/7 Tech Support and Help

Contact us 24/7 via live chat or access all the video tutorials and written guides, and explore all features of the video hosting platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a live stream for my fitness class?

Live stream your fitness class in a few quick steps. Step up your equipment, configure your encoder and start streaming. Check out our guide to live streaming for step-by-step instructions.

Can I monetize my live classes with Dacast?

Yes, with the new monetization features from Dacast, we support AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD monetization options. You can now customize your paywall, offer promotions and create group pricing.

Can I stream ad-free with Dacast?

Yes, ad-free streaming is available with Dacast. Free trials and all levels of accounts (monthly and pay as you go) can broadcast ad-free content. However, you have the option to use advertising to monetize your live streams.

Can I broadcast in HD over Dacast?

Yes, Dacast users can stream high-definition feeds, the exact bitrate of which is dependent on the encoder being used to live stream. To stream at HD, please select a bitrate over 1.4MB a second and a resolution that is 720p or higher.

Is my live event stream private and secure?

Yes. Dacast provides several security features and privacy settings to keep your live event stream secure.

How can I embed a video on my website?

You can embed a video on your website by copying the embed code from Dacast and pasting it in the HTML of your website.