Live Video Streaming with the Larix Broadcaster Mobile App

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Larix Broadcaster Mobile App

This will guide you through streaming from a Mobile device using Larix Broadcaster Live Streaming App. 
It requires 3 things:

1. A mobile phone or tablet
2. Larix Broadcaster Mobile App
3. A Dacast account

Larix Broadcaster is a free app for iOS and Android that you can use to live stream on the Dacast platform from your mobile device.

Note that Dacast supports iOS 13.1.1+ and Android 9+ so please check your device versions and update if required

Setup is easy — there is only one thing that might catch you out: the URL must be in the format [INGEST_URL]/[STREAM_NAME]

(Note the forward-slash between the two parts)

Other than that, simply make sure you follow our Live Encoder Configuration Guide and you should be good to go!


5 thoughts on “Live Video Streaming with the Larix Broadcaster Mobile App

  1. John says:

    Hello, I am new to all of this but I have been reading all of your articles. I want to live stream my church service from an Android tablet. You are suggesting broadcast me, but when I went to Google Play, they had pretty poor reviews oh, and were instead suggesting larix broadcaster. Does your service work with that particular software? Thanks, John

    • Maciek says:

      Thank you for your interest in Dacast’s Streaming Solutions. I have
      forwarded your inquiry to either our sales or support team and they
      will reply to you shortly. Have a great day!

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Abby, Did you follow the steps mentioned in the article? All the information you need is in your encoder setup section. If you need assistance, please contact your account manager directly: Or feel free to write back if you need further information. Have a great weekend. Best,

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