Can I Live Broadcast on My Smartphone with Dacast?


Yes, you can live broadcast over the Dacast platform on your smartphone. Almost all RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) sources, including smartphone apps, will work over Dacast. However, you will want to ensure the mobile streaming app supports your login and password. This is a security requirement to stream over the Limelight network, one of the CDNs that Dacast uses.

1. Wirecast GO

We recommend the Wirecast GO mobile streaming application for users who want to live stream from a phone using an iOS RTMP live streaming app.

This app supports the login and password method and has been tested over iOS devices. Wirecast GO costs $5.99 to stream to any RTMP encoder-enabled destination. You do not need to use the desktop version of the Wirecast software encoder to use the Wirecast GO app.

2. Larix Broadcaster App

Another option for mobile broadcasting is the Larix Broadcaster App. You can log into your Dacast account on this app and stream right through Larix to start mobile live streaming in minutes. 

Read our full article HERE (video and written tutorial) to connect your Larix app to Dacast for live streaming in a few simple steps. 

In addition to streaming from a mobile app, Dacast allows you to stream to a mobile app. With the help of video APIs and mobile SDKs, you can build an app of your own. Explore our player API to integrate other great apps to enhance your live streaming experience. Our technology comes with resources for creating apps for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Browser-Based Streaming (inside your Dacast account)

Since the initial COVID-related lockdowns, many day-to-day activities and special events have become virtual. 

While live streaming with relatively low latency has worked for larger-scale events, smaller events involving interaction with or participation from the audience have relied on peer-to-peer streaming with real-time or ultra-low latency. Browser-Based Streaming has made peer-to-peer streaming possible. You may find the article HERE.

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