Can I Live Broadcast on My Smartphone with the Dacast Mobile App?

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Yes, you can live broadcast over the Dacast mobile app on your smartphone. Almost all RTMP enabled sources, including smartphone apps, will work over Dacast. 

However, you want to make sure the app supports your login and a password. This is a security requirement to stream over the Akamai network which is one of the CDNs that Dacast uses.

For users who want to stream over the All Device/HTML5 channels from an iOS device, we recommend Wirecast GO. This app supports the login and password method and has been tested over iOS devices.

Wirecast GO costs $5.99 to stream to any RTMP destination. You do not need to use the desktop version of the Wirecast software encoder to use the Wirecast GO app.

Another option for mobile broadcasting is the Larix App. You can log into your Dacast account on this app and stream right through Larix, so you can start mobile live streaming in minutes.

Dacast Mobile Live Broadcast - Larix RTMP

Dacast Mobile Live Broadcast - Larix Video Settings

Dacast Mobile Live Broadcast - Larix Audio Settings

In addition to streaming from a mobile app, Dacast allows you to stream to a mobile app. With the help of APIs and mobile SDKs, you can build an app of your own. Explore our player API to integrate other great apps to enhance your live streaming experience.

Our technology comes with resources for creating apps for both Android and iOS devices.

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact us any time,

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