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DaCast provides a video content management API and a player API allowing you to enable your business with video, enhance your mobile apps, or even build your own video content management system. Our video APIs come with strong documentation and code examples easy for professional broadcasters and enterprises to use.

Enjoy any or all of our cloud-based streaming configuration and paywall tools, as well as secure live streaming using Akamai CDN, in your own digital media workflow.

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Video Content Management API


The DaCast video content management API has been specifically designed for quick and easy integration of all of the features of the DaCast platform into a wide variety of cloud video applications, services and digital media workflows. As a JSON RESTful API, it can be easily accessed from any suitable server using any programming language.

To get started, consult our API documentation and use the sandbox with your API key to try live various API calls.


Player API

Javascript API

If you want to use your own player, a third party player, or just customize the default DaCast player (based on video.js), take a look at the DaCast player API, a javascript API. It integrates popular VAST based advertising systems including Google Doubleclick and LiveRail. A layer of compatibility is also offered for any VAST2 ad server.

With the DaCast player API you can add the features of your choice to fit your business needs. To learn more, consult our documentation including a number of code samples and a sandbox.


Dedicated API support

Any issue with DaCast Video API integration?

If you are still having issues after investigating our developer tools and API documentation, then send an email to with “API issues” in the Subject of your email. If your issue concerns our Video Content Management API, please include your full API key in all emails. If applicable, also include the API call you made and the error message you received. Code samples are always useful.

We will get back to you within 2 business days.