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DaCast is a complete, full featured streaming solution. It provides everything needed to broadcast live. The platform can be easily used to do high quality streaming and to monetize video as well.

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  • No live channel limits
  • No video file limits
  • No software required
  • No device restrictions
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Complete video streaming solution

Stream, monetize, embed with DaCast

The DaCast Streaming as a Service platform offers integrated streaming solutions to broadcast live and on demand video. Everything in the cloud, the do it yourself service empowers total management of features.

Live streaming solution

Stream content live

Video and audio can be streamed over DaCast “right out of the box” using a webcam or other device. CDN partnerships offer worldwide viewing possibilities.

VOD streaming

Upload and embed video files

Edited and previously live content can be uploaded and stored directly on DaCast to share with viewers.

Monetizing video

Make money broadcasting

DaCast lets you create paywalls or do ad content from your own network to generate revenue from streaming.

Payment system included

Merchant account included

Viewers purchase from a payment system located inside the player. Content can be sold over credit card or PayPal.

Embed videos

Share on your website

After streaming, DaCast makes it easy to embed your videos on a web page or Facebook. Available at all account levels.

Stream to mobiles

Reach desktops, smart phones and tablets

Through a dynamic player, content streamed with DaCast can be accessed over Flash and HTML5 from the same embed.

White label service

No forced logos

With DaCast you own your brand and are able to upload your company’s logo and obscure the player’s connection to us.

Customizable player

Theme the video player

Get creative: adapt the free, included DaCast player to match the look and feel of your website or broadcast.


Track viewer habits

During and after broadcasting, both live and on demand streams are provided with rich analytics.

Secure hosting

Host video and live streams securely

Server security and network monitoring create a safe video platform. SSL encryption protects paying viewer and their information.

HD quality streams

Broadcast in HD

Broadcast live engaging video content in true high definition. Offer multi-bitrate to reach mobile devices simultaneously.

Video APIs

Manage video content on your site

Using our video APIs (Application Programming Interface), broadcasters can create dynamic interfaces on their website.

Audio broadcasting

Stream audio only

Audio content can be broadcast both as a live stream and from audio files (MP3, AAC, M4A). The platform is ideal for audio only live radio shows.

Auto Archiving

Record Live Streams

Automatically record live streams and save them as video files directly on our OVP. Deliver your content as video-on-demand (VOD) immediately to increase viewership, or download and edit before publishing.

Lowest pricing

Premium services at do it yourself prices

DaCast is Streaming as a Service provider, giving control to the broadcasters. Manage your own live streams and Pay Per Views. From self-service, broadcasters save money by getting the lowest price for high quality services.

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