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When you sign up for a DaCast account, we’ll give you everything you need to start earning money from your video right out of the box. No extra signup or delay. This includes a merchant account, Pay Per
View streaming, subscriptions, and different currency support.

  • No contract
  • No long setup process
  • No need to prove audience size
  • No geographic restrictions
  • No additional fees for other payment options

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Four ways to payday

Monetization is available starting Pro plans and above

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Paywall Pay Per View

Handle payments right in the player

DaCast offers an integrated payment system to quickly handle viewer transactions from PPV. This is accomplished right in the video player from an integrated paywall. The purchaser does not have to exit the player to complete the transaction, which might reduce conversions. Rates and viewing windows are designated by the broadcaster. For example a broadcaster could charge $5 for one hour of access or $10 for a full day of access. The ability to select a start time for Pay Per Views also allows for a presale window.

This commission is 9.9% plus $0.40 for USD transactions or €0.40 for EUR transactions on each viewer purchase made. This covers merchant account fees that include credit card charges, Pay Pal and bank transfers.

Paywall Subscriptions

Give your subscribers a longer window of access

Like Pay Per Views, subscription packages can be set up for streaming content. Unlike PPVs, subscription content can be set up for longer windows of access such as weekly, monthly or longer. Like PPV, this content can also be purchased from the integrated paywall system. Support for USD and Euros currencies are available through credit card or PayPal transactions.

Same commission rates as Pay Per View apply.

Video Ads

Lower involvement

Advertisements can be attached to content to generate revenue based on the number of viewers. Although not handled in your DaCast account, APIs can integrate advertisements. This is done with a third party video player, such as JW Player. It also requires having previously signed up for an ad network account like or ScanScout.

Live Streaming

The urgency of live broadcasting

DaCast offers a compelling method to monetize live video material. The sense of urgency and viewers being among the first to watch makes it easy to sell live broadcasts. Offer presale opportunities and develop premium streaming content.

White Label Service

White Label Service

Make it all about you

The rich monetization offered through DaCast is also available through a white label service. That makes it easy to obscure DaCast’s involvement. This includes adding your own watermark to your video content and customizing the player. This is true for every step of the process, except credit card statements and receipts which show DaCast.

Integrated Viewer Accounts

No setup

When a viewer pays for a Pay Per View or subscription through the paywall, login details are created along with a viewer account. The viewer selects a password and then can login later using these credentials. This account manages all available content they have purchased. Users can login with the same details to many streams you are selling that they have bought.

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Secure Platform for Monetization

Protect your viewers

To ensure viewer security, all data collected by the paywall system is enforced and protected. Viewers can purchase content with credit card in formation securely. All payments processed by the system are SSL encrypted to protect data during transmission.