How to Create HTML5 Live Channels

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To create an HTML5 live channel that is mobile-friendly, all you must do is click “ADD +” in the dashboard and select “Live Stream.”

Dacast Platform - Add Live Stream

After clicking this, the following popup menu will appear:

dacast platform - select standard html5

Select the “Standard” option on the left. At this point, you are ready to create a stream in an HTML5 live channel that can be used for both desktop and mobile delivery of your live streaming content. 

Please note that depending on your plan, you may not have access to the other channel creation options.

Default HTML5 Live Channels Limit

By default, you cannot create more than 20 live channels of any type in your account.

If you wish to create more than 20 live channels in your account, you will need to get in touch with us first. 

Contact us via our 24/7 live chat (directly in your Dacast account), via email ( or over the phone (+1 (855) 896-9300).

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