Channel Packages with Dacast: A Walkthrough

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How Do Channel Packages Work? 

Channel packages allow you to place a variety of content into a single player. You can then remove, update, or add to this inserted content at any time. This feature offers broadcasters a tool to constantly update and add value for their viewers.

After you create a channel package, viewers can access the content within the player from the CONTENT SELECTOR (shown in the image below). Alternatively, they can access it from the filmstrip icon next to the VOLUME settings in the PLAYER CONTROL bar.

channel packages

Channel Packages: A Walkthrough

Please follow this step-by-step guide to create a new package (with VOD and/or Live channels).

1. Log in to your Dacast account at

2. Click on the PACKAGES icon on the left side of the New Back Office.

channel packages

3. From here, click on the blue cross or the CREATE orange button.
4. The following window will appear so that you can name your package:

channel packages

5. Once you create your package, it will appear in your packages list (as shown below).

channel packages

6. When you click on your package, you now have access to Description, Publish Settings, Setup, Monetization and Analytics. Please note that the first four sections work exactly the same for both Live Channels and VOD. 

**The Setup section is where you can choose which VOD and/or Live Channels you include within your package.**

channel packages

7. To add VOD, click on the VOD button and drag-and-drop the videos you want into the right column.
Please note that you can do the same with Live Channels.

Please note also that you can either drag and drop the video or click on the blue cross on the right of your video title.

You have the ability to choose the order of the videos inside your package. To do this, simply click on the video and moving it to another rank.

8. Please make sure to click SAVE once you’re happy with your new package.

6 thoughts on “Channel Packages with Dacast: A Walkthrough

  1. Randy Sahae says:

    This help page does not describe what steps you need to take with the individual VOD or Live Stream that is part of the package. Do each of those items need to have their paywall turned on? And a price set? If I only want them to be able to buy the package, and NOT individual items, what is the proper sequence of steps? Thank you.

  2. Csaba Bán says:

    Hi. I’m trying to set up a Package with about 30 VOD titles. I understand how I can set up a single paywall for the package — but I would like to have 30 unique embed codes. Basically I’d like to embed each video player individually into my website, but allow only a single paywall for all. So the viewer sees the same paywall at any one of the players, and once she paid for one, she can view all the content.
    How do I do this?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest in Dacast’s Streaming Solutions. Please
      contact our Customer Support team at this link and someone will be
      more than happy to assist you. Have a great day!

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