How to Organize Dacast VOD Content in the New Back Office

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One of the great functions of Dacast is a comprehensive video content management system of VOD content. In this post, we will guide you through the process of organizing your Dacast VOD content in the back office by creating folders of videos.

To get started, you must be logged into your Dacast account at

Dacast VOD Content - Folders

STEP 1: Navigate to the “Folders” tab

STEP 2: On the left side, you will see all your folders. On the right, you can click on “Filter” and sort out the videos according to several criteria. Set the filters to your preference: Dacast VOD Content - Filters

STEP 3: Create a new folder by selecting “New folder” and naming it when prompted: Dacast VOD Content - Add Folder

Please note that you can always modify the name of a group down the road by clicking “Edit.”

After creating your new group, move each video you want in the new folder by selecting “Move”: Dacast VOD Content - Modfiy Group

You can also move several videos to the same folder. Select all the VOD streaming videos you want to move, click on “Bulk Actions,” choose “Move” and select the folder into which you want to move the videos: Dacast VOD Content - Bulk Actions Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us. Not yet a Dacast user, and interested in trying Dacast risk-free for 30 days? Sign up today to get started.


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