What is VOD? What Does VOD Stand For? Video On Demand Explained


In this post, we are going to discuss what VOD is, what VOD stands for, and explain the meaning of VOD. We will also explain the differences between VOD streaming and VOD streaming.

What is VOD?

VOD stands forvideo on demand and is a way of accessing content online from video libraries without traditional playback. Where traditional broadcast channels and media outlets forced consumers to view content on their schedule, VOD services allow audiences to access videos at their leisure and from any compatible device.

What does VOD stand for?

VOD stands for video on demand. In the video streaming space, VOD refers to content that is uploaded to a library for viewers to access at their leisure.

What is the meaning of VOD?

The meaning of VOD streaming is different from live video streaming because it is previously recorded as opposed to broadcast in real-time.

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video are some examples of streaming services that use the VOD model. A lot of VOD platforms use OTT streaming, which means they stream over the internet.

Since Dacast is a unified streaming platform, it supports both live streaming and advanced VOD hosting. Your viewers will not access your videos directly on Dacast, but rather in a VOD library that you build on your own site or app using a Dacast embed code.

Professional-grade VOD content is most popularly monetized with subscriptions or pay-per-view. However, it is possible to monetize with advertisements or advertisements paired with subscriptions.

VOD Features on Dacast

In 2019, Dacast acquired vzaar, an advanced VOD hosting platform. More recently, the two platforms have merged, giving users a totally seamless, unified streaming experience.

Because of this merger, Dacast has inherited quite a few powerful VOD features.

These features include:

With the help of these and other VOD-specific features, you can expect a pleasant user experience for both you and your viewers when you use Dacast for your professional video hosting needs.

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