How to Set Up On Demand Audio Streaming on Dacast’s Platform


Can I Set Up On-Demand Audio Streaming on Dacast?

Dacast is more geared towards video streaming, but it is possible to set up on-demand audio streaming, as well. In order to use audio-only VOD, you must indicate this preference at the encoder level. Simply turn off the video feed in your encoding software or hardware of choice, and you should be good to go. To know more about live stream audio, you can refer to this article.  

VOD Audio

Uploading Audio Files via on-demand

Go to the Videos section and click on the Upload Video button at the far right side of the page.

You will then be redirected to the Upload Video section, for encoding recipe, since this is an audio file, it really should not matter as compared to uploading a video file. So choosing a standard recipe would be adequate.

Then if you are uploading one by one from your computer, the browse videos option would be the button to choose. If your paid Dacast plan has the bulk upload feature (either upload bulk files via S3 or GDrive), this would be the best option to choose (if you will upload several audio files).

Choose your audio file from your given directory.

Once the upload is finished you will see a notification indicating this. 

You may refresh the page and go back to the videos section, click on the title of your newly uploaded audio file. Usually, it is titled RTMP stream 1 by default. Hence the general tab is at your disposal, for this section will enable you to make revisions/changes as you so wish. 

Once changes/revisions are done. These will now be reflected in the videos section. Kindly refresh once more.

Note: For videos on demand, the only audio files the platform accepts are mp3 and ogg. aac/wma are unfortunately not supported for this section.

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