Live Stream Audio: How to Navigate Audio-Only Streaming

To do audio-only live streaming on your website, simply begin by setting up a regular live stream as you normally would. To only stream with audio, you must uncheck the “video” feature in your encoder. This feature works for HTML5 channels. For the best performance, you will want to use AAC audio as your source type.

Audio Live streaming

Click on the live stream menu and create a live stream.

We recommend choosing the standard 1080p channel. Next, click on the Create button.

You will then be redirected to the General tab for the live stream content. Automatically the encoder setup page will be displayed right away. The reason is like video files and live camera feeds, for your “live” streaming, the audio file can be and should be uploaded onto the encoder of your choosing.

Now, with the RTMP encoder setup Dacast provides, all you need to do is upload the audio file onto the encoder, as a media file. Then proceed back to the Dacast encoder setup, where you can now copy and paste the needed encoder credentials for your encoder to connect to the Dacast platform.

Once connected to Dacast you may now start live streaming your audio file.

Click on the audio channel or audio file you plan to embed on your website. Copy and paste the share link/embed code on your website. 

You may also copy and paste the share link, to provide viewers with viewing and listening to the live stream audio content via any browser, or via Facebook or X (formerly Twitter).

Note: For now, we don’t have a specific player for audio content. You should put a fixed image or you will get a black background on your player. We’ll provide you with an audio player soon.

Note: For live streaming audio content the Dacast platform accepts mp3/wma/wav/aac/oog.


If you have any questions about audio files, live streaming, VOD, or need help with this Dacast feature, feel free to contact us directly. You can find more information on how to Set Up On-Demand Audio Streaming here.

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