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Last Updated On June 28, 2019
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1/ What are chapter markers?

Chapter markers are sequences of your Video-On-Demand (VOD) to help your audience navigate through your content. These markers are rendered on the seekbar of the DaCast player to visualize the different sequences of the video. These markers do not alter your video

2/ What is the benefit of chapter markers? 

Chapter markers allow you :

  • to organize your video content and provide your viewers a global vision of what is your video about
  • to maximize the impact of your video content by helping your audience find the section of the video that interest them the most.

3/ How to use chapter markers? 

When chapter markers have been added to a VOD, you just have to go over the seekbar to read the different chapters and click on the one you want to access to:

chapter markers

Chapter markers will be visible on all the VODs set up with it even when the VODs are used in package. However the chapters markers won’t be visible when the content is played in a playlist.

4/ How to add chapter markers to your VOD?

Please be aware that the Chapter marker feature works only with DaCast new player. If you are still using our former VJS5 player or your own player, you will have to switch player in order to access the feature. 

Go to your VOD section, and click on the VOD on which you want to add chapter markers. Click on the new tab called “Chapter Markers”, next to “publish settings”.chapter markers
In this section, you will be able to create, edit and delete your chapters.

STEP 1: Click on play to start your video and pause when you want to add your first chapter marker.
You can use the buttons “Previous frame” and “Next frame” to find the exact frame for the beginning of your chapter markers

chapter markers

STEP 2: Once you are satisfied, Click on “Add chapter marker”

chapter markers

STEP 3: Edit the title of your chapter marker and adjust manually the time if needed.

STEP 4: Once you are happy with your chapter marker, click SAVE
You can preview your chapter in the player displayed only after clicking on SAVE.

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 until you have the number of chapter markers you want for your VODs.

chapter markers

5/ I cannot access this feature, why? 

Pro plan, Premium plan, Enterprise plans and Events > 10 TB can access this feature.
If you are not on one of this  plan, you will see the following error message :



chapter markers

Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Chapter markers for VOD

  1. Stephen Outram says:

    Is it possible to set the VOD to begin playing at a specific chapter marker? For example, it can be difficult to time the start of an event, especially as auto-record may take up to 15 minutes to begin. So we are looking at a way to trim the unwanted from part of a VOD. Thanks.

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      Hey Stephen, this is something you can actually do on your own, though it might record you to know your way in software engineering. But let me agree that this feature would be interesting.

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