Video Guide: How to start live streaming using DaCast – OBS Studio

Last Updated On March 22, 2019
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This video will explain step-by-step how to start live streaming on a DaCast live channel using the DaCast version of OBS Studio live stream encoding software.
The OBS Studio presented in this video has been customized by DaCast for a quicker and easier set up. It can be downloaded for free in your DaCast account. If you are using the regular OBS Studio, a video tutorial is available here.
This guide is valid for Mac and PC.

2 thoughts on “Video Guide: How to start live streaming using DaCast – OBS Studio

  1. Doug Havlin says:

    It doesn’t appear that DaCast is in the list of providers when I downloaded the MAC version. Can you point me to the correct version to download or the correct settings to use in the custom provider?

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      You should be able to find the last version from your manager account: when you edit one of your live streaming, in “Encoder Setup”, DaCast OBS is available for download.
      From there, in the DaCast OBS setting, select Stream and you should be able to find “DaCast” in the stream types!

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