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OTT Hosting and Video Delivery: 10 Best Solutions for 2023

Platforms for OTT Video

The decline of traditional cable TV continues and the over-the-top (OTT) video industry continues to climb. By the day, more and more people are switching to streaming media content over the internet. Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and other sorts of streaming technology is increasingly commonplace, all vying to create a tailored experience for users. […]

The Pros and Cons of Using MKV vs. MP4 for Video Streaming

Technology is constantly evolving, and the quality of technology you possess can make or break your content’s success. When it comes to video streaming formats, you have two major choices today: MKV or MP4. But which one to choose? Streamers, broadcasters and professionals often have a hard time choosing which format works best for them. […]

The 10 Best Multistreaming Platforms in 2023: A Comparison

multistream platform

Live streaming continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping. People love a live stream. Recent numbers show how live streaming accounts for a massive 23% of total viewing time globally. Furthermore, it’s estimated that the market will grow to more than $3 billion by 2027. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 21.2%. With this […]

Comparing the Top 20 Video Streaming Hosting Providers: Everything You Need to Know [2023 Update]

Providing video content is paramount for any business or organization looking to succeed today. Did you know that 59% of executives report that they prefer to consume information through video than reading text? To go even further, a massive  82% of global internet traffic came from video in 2023. People use online video for everything from news, education, […]

Chinese Streaming Platforms: Live Video Streaming and Hosting [2023 Update]


It’s no secret that China is heralded as one of the biggest markets for nearly everything. And it’s no different when it comes to streaming of events. In fact, the Chinese live streaming market is expected to grow from 700 billion Yuan ($103.19 billion) in 2023 to 2,100 billion ($309.57 billion) in 2026. As a business looking to […]