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How to Set Up a Live Streaming Website in 11 Simple Steps [2023 Update]

website live streaming

Live streaming has found its place in the business world, and today, the live streaming market serves many purposes. Some businesses offer paid streaming solutions for events, and others use website streaming to build online communities to support their brands. It has become common for businesses to offer video streaming over their video website, especially […]

Top 10 Private Streaming Platforms for Live Stream Events in 2023

Best Private Event Live Streaming Platforms

Ever wondered what it is about telethons that made (and still make!) hoards of people call a random hotline and donate their hard-earned money for a cause? Why can’t the non-profits just send flyers or advertise on social media? It happens to be the same reason content creators prefer to live stream these days instead […]

Comparing the Top 10 HLS Streaming Software for Live Broadcasting [2023 Update]

hls streaming software

Broadcasting live streaming video requires various tools. There are several types of streaming software, including encoders, live switchers, simulcasting tools, and more. Each of these tools plays an important role in enhancing the live streaming experience. In particular, HTTP live HLS streaming software is used with live streams delivered with HLS technology. This post will […]

How to Set Up a Live Camera Feed and Webcam Stream in 8 Steps

how to set up a live webcam

Live streaming is the latest trend in content creation and sharing. There’s something seemingly more authentic about watching an un-filtered webcam live stream in real-time that resonates with viewers worldwide. So much so that more than half of marketers report live streaming to be their preferred medium of sharing content online. Webcam live streams are […]

How to Create Case Study Videos That Convert New Customers

case study videos

Video is a powerful sales tool, and using the words of your satisfied customers in a video makes your videos even more successful. Showing potential customers the experiences of others just like themselves on tape lends a humanizing quality to your business. Your potential customers see that your product or service does what you promise […]

Comparing the Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms – What You Need to Know [2023 Update]

Cloud video streaming is ideal for most modern marketers that need a straightforward and scalable professional video hosting infrastructure. With the support of cloud video streaming platforms, brands can focus on putting out good video content without dealing with many technical challenges. In this post, we’ll look into cloud video streaming and provide an in-depth […]

Live Streaming Server – How to Build One, and Should You Do It?

live streaming server

Taking a DIY approach to streaming and setting up your own video streaming server and streaming process may sound like a simple way to broadcast. The idea of everything getting done in-house and on your own terms can be incredibly appealing. Plus, you get to save money on private video streaming services. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately, […]

Top 26 Alternatives to Vimeo in 2023: Pricing, Features & More

vimeo alternatives

Remember Vimeo? The video-sharing platform launched in 2004 and emerged as a competitor to the famous site “Collegehumor.” Vimeo was one of the earliest platforms for video makers and content creators. The platform that preceded YouTube was considered an industry leader in small-scale online streaming. But one thing we learned from the fall of Nokia […]

How to Set Up an RTMP Encoder for Live Video Streaming [Updated for 2023]

rtmp encoder

For many B2C broadcasters, just about any software encoder will suffice. However, as a professional broadcaster, it’s important to consider updating to an encoder that supports RTMP streaming. RTMP stands for “real-time messaging protocol” and is a standard that makes high-quality live streaming possible. In this article, we’ll get into the technical details of RTMP […]

Closed Captioning for Web Video Support with SRT and VTT Files

closed captioning for web video

Looking for streaming solutions to add subtitles or closed captions to your video project? You’ve come to the right place! This article will cover how to do closed captioning for web videos. Closed Captions (often abbreviated “CC”) can convey text information during a video. For example, captions include text and dialogue. Moreover, they can also […]