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Introduction to Video Collaboration for Professionals

video collaboration

Video is becoming more and more important in the professional space. It is used for both internal communication and connecting with an external audience. Teams in all different industries are working together to incorporate videos in their operations. Unfortunately, the bulkiness of video files requires makes remote collaboration difficult without the proper support system. That’s […]

FPS for Live Streaming: The Advanced Guide to Video Frame Rates [2021 Update]

frame rate fps live

We do not have to convince that streaming live video online is more popular than ever. More than 85% of all internet users in the United States watch online video content monthly on their devices. If you’re not creating online content, you could be missing out on 85% of possible leads.  While you may be convinced […]

How to Create a Video Monetization Strategy in 5 Steps [2021 Update]

video monetization strategy

A solid video monetization strategy presents a tremendous opportunity for today’s broadcasters. Organizations of all sizes are using live streaming, video on demand, and OTT technologies to distribute content quickly and effectively while generating revenue at the same time. With traditional cable and satellite networks rolling out their own video subscription plans, it can feel […]

What is RTMP Ingest and Why is it Important for Live Streaming?

RTMP Ingest

Live streaming is such a valuable tool for schools, businesses, and other professional organizations. Many professional broadcasters use online video players that are equipped with the tools you need to broadcast with very little technical know-how. Even though online video players automate most of the live streaming process, there is so much that goes on […]

Best Live Streaming Resolution and Settings for H.264 Encoders

streaming resolution

H.264 is a next-generation protocol for high-definition video compression. Most newer encoders today are compatible with this protocol and suitable for live streaming with compact files.  In most cases, particularly if you want to stream the best, highest-quality video content, you will want to use this protocol. Encoders allow for a fairly wide range of […]

What is RTMP? The Real-Time Messaging Protocol: What you Need to Know

Online video streaming continues to become more popular due to the consistent development of supporting technology. One particular online video streaming technology that has played an important role in the rise of this industry is RTMP. RTMP has served as a solution in several different steps of the live streaming process, and its role will […]

HD Live Streaming: How to Broadcast Video in High Definition [2021 Update]

hd streaming

Several aspects set professional broadcasting apart from amateur productions. The presentation of your content is more important than the content itself. Two major aspects are audio quality and streaming video resolution. Today, we’re going to focus on the latter.  Video resolution is an essential feature of any video-watching experience. Live-streamed video content is no exception. […]

H.266 Codec: What is Versatile Video Coding (VVC)?

H.266 Versatile Video Coding

Video files are large, and streaming them over the internet would be very difficult if it wasn’t for codecs. Codecs are continuously developing to optimize this technical workflow, and Versatile Video Coding is on the horizon when it comes to new and improved codecs. In this post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to […]

OTT Content Management Systems: What You Need to Know About Video CMS in 2021

ott cms

Live video streaming and video on demand are very valuable in the professional space, but they also create unique challenges regarding storage, security, and asset management. The mainstream adoption of video content has generated enormous amounts of data that must be securely organized and shared across both public and private networks. Studies show that by […]

Professional Video Hosting Platforms: Choosing the Best Solution for Business

Online video content has found its place in the business world. One survey found that 80% of marketing professionals worldwide name streaming video as more important in the business world than ever before, and the type of content with the best ROI.  Similarly, eighty percent of people in another poll would rather watch live video […]