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VOD Streaming – The Premier Content Delivery Strategy

how do cdns work?

Video on demand (VOD) is the future of online content delivery. A recent HubSpot survey revealed that audiences prefer video over all other forms of content including emails, infographics, and blog articles. Another report found year-over-year viewing times on VOD platforms up 155% (with almost 20 minutes spent per session). According to Cisco Systems, the […]

Best Resolution for Live Streaming and Suggested H.264 Encoder Settings

best resolution for streaming h.264

H.264 is a next-generation protocol for high definition video compression. Most newer encoders today are compatible with this protocol and suitable for live streaming with compact files.  In most cases, particularly if you want to stream the best, highest-quality video content, you will want to use this protocol. Encoders allow for a fairly wide range […]

Live Streaming API: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing One

API for Broadcasters and Developers

There is a wide array of factors to consider when choosing the right streaming service for your professional streaming needs, but have you considered the importance of live streaming API? When it comes to broadcasting a live video stream, you’re not choosing a video API per se, but you’re choosing the video streaming platforms with […]

On Demand Video Streaming – What Broadcasters Need to Know

On Demand Video Streaming

As a broadcaster, deciding whether to live stream your content or release it on a video on demand platform is one of the more important choices you’ll have to make. Once you understand the difference between live and VOD streaming, you have to wade through the various features on all the available VOD platforms. With […]

RTMP vs. RTSP: Which Streaming Protocol is Right for Your Business?

rtmp vs rtsp

The ability to smoothly, professionally stream your content is essential to the success of your content. If your viewers have too much difficulty watching the videos you stream, or if your streaming process is too complicated, the content you create won’t be seen by the people you’re most looking to draw in and you’ll fight […]

Streaming Protocols for Live Broadcasting: Everything You Need to Know in 2020

Streaming Protocols

Did you know that 80% of people would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post? Additionally, the typical viewer watches a live stream for at least twice as long as they stick with a standard video.  Live streaming solutions are increasingly popular as live video content becomes a preferred type of media. […]

Zoom Pros and Cons: Should Your Business Use a Zoom Alternative?

With the sudden surge of working from home and online schooling, Zoom has its time to shine. This video communication platform has been life-saving for many businesses and schools. However, several users have experienced some hiccups in security, leaving people searching for a more robust and reliable Zoom alternative. Today, we’re going to cover everything […]

Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions: 7 Features to Look for in 2020

Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions

Businesses are incorporating live video streaming into their marketing operations now more than ever.  The global enterprise video market is expected to be worth $19.8 billion by 2023. This represents an annual growth rate of the video market of more than 20%.  In this post, we’ll talk about some valuable live streaming features and compare […]

Upload Videos and Share: 10 Features That Make the Task Easier

Upload video and share

No matter how little or how much content you produce, uploading your videos is one of the most time-consuming and stress-inducing steps of the whole process. The right video content management system (CMS) can make the entire process of uploading your content easier and less frustrating. No more worrying about whether your bad internet connection […]

5 Tips for a Successful Live Sport Stream

Live Sport Streaming

To say that sports are wildly popular is an understatement. From baseball to football, hockey to rugby, sports fans have been filling the stands to watch their beloved teams for centuries. Reaching fans outside of the stands has been popular in sports for almost a century. At first, announcers went on air to broadcast play-by-play […]