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12 Best Professional Video Hosting Platforms: Choosing the Best Solution for Business [2022 Update]

Online video content has found its place in the business world.  That means choosing the best video hosting service for your business is even more crucial to get right. One survey found that 80% of marketing professionals worldwide name streaming video as more important in the business world than ever before.  That same survey also […]

Top 10 Video Streaming Platforms: Everything You Need to Know [2022 Update]

Video Streaming Platforms

When it comes to online video streaming as a service, it can be a challenge to know where to start. Before going live, broadcasters need to consider which video delivery platform suits their streaming needs.  With so many video streaming platforms on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. […]

How to Live Stream an Event: A Step-by-Step Guide [2022 Update]

Live event streaming

The live streaming industry has exploded in recent years, growing 99% between April 2019 and April 2020. This unprecedented growth was fueled by a demand for in-person and live access to more and more events. Live streaming events are becoming the norm in our technology0driven and globally protected society.  This huge level of growth has […]

The 10 Best Multistreaming Platforms in 2022: A Comparison

multistream platform

Broadcasting from a custom web page or app that represents your organization’s branding and message has many benefits. It gives broadcasters more control and flexibility in their streaming experience. However, if your goal is to connect with a larger audience with your online video content, streaming to multiple destinations, such as LinkedIn, Twitch, or Mixcloud […]

Mobile Live Streaming: How to Broadcast from a Smartphone

mobile live streaming

Mobile live streaming is becoming more popular as smartphones and related software improve to suit the needs of professional broadcasting. This approach to broadcasting is often more accessible because it is relatively easy and cost-effective. Live streaming from a phone is easier than ever before.  In this post, we are going to fill you in […]

How To Stream Live From an Apple iPhone in 6 Easy Steps

Streaming From iPhone

Apple iPhone’s continue to have some of the best cameras on the smartphone market, making them a solid portable live streaming device. From 2007 to early 2018, over 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold, with millions more sold each year. The iPhone is a revolutionary tool for communication and creativity, which is why it is […]

VOD Streaming – What It Is and How It Works with OTT [2022 Update]

vod streaming

Video on demand (VOD) is the future of online content delivery. A recent HubSpot survey revealed that audiences prefer video over all other forms of content including emails, infographics, and blog articles. Another report found year-over-year viewing times on VOD platforms up 155% (with almost 20 minutes spent per session). According to Cisco Systems, the […]

RTMP Server Hosting: What It Is and How to Access It

rtmp server hosting

RTMP is a piece of streaming technology that has been vital to the history of internet video streaming. The role of RTMP in streaming has evolved over time, adapting to fit the needs of modern live streaming setups.  The importance of RTMP server hosting has increased in recent years because RTMP servers help broadcasters deliver […]

11 Ways to Significantly Increase Live Viewers and Get More People to Watch Your Streams [2022 Update]

live viewers

Live streaming software has proven to be particularly valuable for businesses in today’s video-dominant world. No matter what the desired end result may be, one common goal for companies who live stream is to get in front of their target audience and increase stream viewership. Starting your first live stream and instantly getting thousands of […]

How to Use Multi-Bitrate Streaming for On Demand Video Upload

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Providing your on-demand video viewers with the best user experience should be a priority. Making sure your viewers can stream your content in the optimal quality for their internet speed is a must. Multi-bitrate streaming is a video hosting tool that allows you to do just that. Multi-bitrate streaming allows your audience to access the […]