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Video Monetization – The Ultimate Guide for Broadcasters

video monetization guide

Video monetization is skyrocketing growth for broadcasters and online brands. Research shows that overall video ads grew by 46% last year with live content doubling in market share. Not to mention that online viewership is up by 72% and consumer spending for streaming services is expected to reach nearly $17B in 2020. Clearly, audiences are […]

Live Streaming CDNs – What Broadcasters Need to Know [2020 Update]

Live Streaming CDN

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to create content online, now it’s time to figure out how you’re planning to get it seen. You will want your content in front of the maximum number of viewers possible. That’s where a live streaming Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in. There are many possible live streaming […]

OTT Streaming – What Every Broadcaster Needs to Know

ott streaming technology

Over-the-top (OTT) technology – or streaming videos directly over the Internet – is shifting the way broadcasters distribute content. By bypassing the constraints of traditional media networks, OTT platforms offer better access to the content audiences want and allow them to consume it on their own schedule.  OTT amplifies the power of media delivery by […]

Top 10 Live Streaming Solutions for Professional Broadcasters [Updated for 2020]

Live Streaming solutions

The year is 2020 and professionals are using live streaming solutions more than ever before. In fact, video has become a key component of corporate communications, marketing, sales, business development, and beyond while the world transitions to primarily working from home. Whichever industry sector you consider, live streaming is booming. More than 4.6 million people […]

The Broadcaster’s Guide to CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)

Live Streaming CDN

Delivering top-tier online video can be challenging. Content files are getting larger and users expect HD streaming to happen instantly. Broadcasters who value quality are incorporating CDNs (content delivery networks) to meet this growing demand.  The modern Web is a mixture of text, images, audio, and video with data centers around the world supplying information […]

Broadcasting for Business: How to Increase Live Stream Viewers by 800%

How to get Live Stream Viewers

In today’s video-dominant world, live video streaming has proven to be particularly valuable for businesses. No matter what the desired end result may be, the common goal for businesses who live stream is to get in front of their target audience.  Starting your first live stream and automatically getting thousands of viewers would be nice, […]

Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions: 7 Features to Look for in 2020

Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions

Businesses are incorporating enterprise live video streaming into their marketing operations now more than ever.  The global enterprise video market is expected to be worth $19.8 billion by 2023. This represents an annual growth rate of the video market of more than 20%.  In this post, we’ll talk about some valuable live streaming features and […]

How to Develop a Live Streaming Strategy to Grow Your Business

live streaming strategy

Video content is more important than ever before for brands looking to catch the attention of potential customers from their competition. But for brands to really stand out, it’s essential they go beyond the tried-and-true pre-recorded videos. Instead, more marketers are turning toward live streaming to help give their brands an edge with viewers. With […]

Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting [Updated for 2020]

Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting

For the past several years, the millennial demographic has consistently increased their consumption of digital video, now spending more time watching videos online as opposed to on TV. Today, the OTT video industry is flourishing with no end in sight. In 2018, OTT revenue in the United States alone grew by more than 25%. Experts […]