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How to Live Stream an Event: A Step-by-Step Guide [2024 Update]

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Live streaming events are one of the best ways to connect with audiences worldwide. It’s so effective that everyone from influencers to technology startups and even the world and government organizations are streaming live video. In a world increasingly going virtual, live streaming events have proved incredibly beneficial and lucrative for businesses around the world. […]

Mobile Live Streaming: How to Live Stream from a Mobile Phone [2024 Update]

Right now, there are a whopping 6.92 billion mobile users worldwide. That’s 86.2% of the entire world’s population that’s using mobile phones every day. As technology continues to rapidly improve, and as more of the world has access to the internet, mobile technology use and the way we use mobile technology are constantly changing and […]

11 Ways to Significantly Increase Live Stream Viewers [2024 Update]

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One of the most engaging ways for any business or company to reach its target audience is with live streaming. With professional live streaming software or platform, companies can produce a high-quality live event and increase viewership and brand recognition. Increasing live stream engagement needs more than a rough plan—it requires strategy. With the right […]

Understanding Common FPS Values: The Advanced Guide to Video Frame Rates [2024 Update]

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With video being so popular, businesses and broadcasters must produce high-quality video content. Live video streaming online is particularly popular today. In the US alone, over 85% of all internet users watch video content monthly. Furthermore, it’s been estimated that video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2025. Savvy businesses and […]

H.266 Codec: What is Versatile Video Coding (VVC)?

Codec vs. Container

Video files are large, and streaming them over the internet would be very difficult if it weren’t for codecs. Codecs are continuously developing to optimize this technical workflow, and Versatile Video Coding is on the horizon when it comes to new and improved codecs. In this post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to […]