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The 10 Best Multistreaming Platforms in 2022: A Comparison

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Live-streaming accounts for 23% of total viewing time globally. That’s almost a quarter of all video content viewed anywhere in the world. For most of us, switching from TV to live-streaming was sort of the natural choice. This upwards swing in live streaming has helped thousands of content creators, broadcasters, and even businesses to reach […]

How To Stream Live From an Apple iPhone in 6 Easy Steps

Streaming From iPhone

Apple iPhones continue to have some of the best cameras on the smartphone market, making them a solid portable live streaming device. From 2007 to early 2018, over 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold, with millions more sold each year. The iPhone is a revolutionary tool for communication and creativity, which is why it is […]

Simulcasting: The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Destination Streaming [2022 Update]


The purpose of broadcasting is to bring video content to your target audience. But what if you could stretch the reach of your broadcast and bring your video to more people? With simulcasting, you can reach larger audiences by broadcasting your content on multiple platforms at the same time. Think beyond your video player. Think […]

The Ultimate Guide to OTT Technology for Professional Broadcasters in 2022

Traditional television channels are a thing of the past. People want more options and more control over what they watch. Over-the-top platforms (OTT), where content streams directly over the internet instead of through traditional avenues such as television, have taken over.  Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, or any of the […]

What is Live Streaming Technology, and How Does Video Streaming Work?

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Every time you watch a video over the internet, you enjoy the fruits of video streaming technology. Live streaming technology is how videos are streamed over the internet, live, in real-time, as they are being recorded.  Live streaming technology is the internet’s response to live television broadcasts, with the most popular being news shows and […]

What is RTMPS and Why is it Important to Secure Streaming?

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The technology behind live streaming has evolved significantly in recent years. Adobe’s Flash, a popular video player for decades, is now obsolete. Broadcasters now use the ultra-compatible HTML5 video player to deliver content to viewers. Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol that has remained important in the live streaming process throughout its evolution. There […]

Comparison of The 15 Best Secure Video Hosting Platforms in 2022

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  A survey of marketers by the Content Marketing Institute found that 71% of B2B organizations use video as a documented part of their content marketing strategy, and 57% use webinars and online events for marketing. Data from Google shows that 55% of online shoppers used online video while shopping in a store, meaning that […]

Top 21 Live Streaming Solutions – Everything You Need to Know [Updated for 2022]

Professionals are using online video content more than ever before, live streaming solutions have become a key resource for corporate communications, marketing, sales, business development, and beyond while the world transitions to primarily working from home. That is why every business needs a live streaming solution.  Live streaming is booming in so many different industries. […]

Video Hosting in China: What You Need to Know [2022 Update]


Over the past ten years, the number of people accessing the internet in China has increased five-fold. As you might expect, such strong growth has led to an explosion of online video hosting in China.  In 2014, a staggering 433 million Chinese viewers had watched videos online. As of December 2020, however, this number had […]

Streaming Protocols for Live Broadcasting: Everything You Need to Know [2022 Update]

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Did you know that 80% of people would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post? Additionally, the typical viewer watches a live stream for at least twice as long as they stick with a standard video.  Streaming platforms are increasingly popular as live video content becomes a preferred type of media. It […]