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Comparison of The Top 12 Secure Video Hosting Platforms [2021 Update]

secure video hosting platform

An October 2019 survey of marketers by the Content Marketing Institute found that 71 percent of B2B organizations utilized video as a documented part of their content marketing strategy. And 57 percent of respondents said they use webinars and online events as part of their marketing. Data from Google shows that 55 percent of online […]

Comparing the Top 5 Restream Alternatives for Simulcasting in 2021

restream alternatives

Broadcasters call on the help streaming software to help them enhance their online broadcasting experience. They might use this type of tool to edit their videos, stream to multiple platforms, or improve audience engagement. Restream is a popular streaming software that broadcasters use for all three of these functions. This tool is definitely useful in […]

What is a Video Content Management System (CMS) and How to Choose One for Your Business

video CMS

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are always looking for new ways to create interesting, informative content that will connect with their audience. Video is increasingly becoming a major part of the online content landscape, and its influence on overall online user behavior grows annually. For example, YouTube boasts that one billion hours of video […]

Top 5 iOS Live Streaming Apps for iPhone with RTMP Ingest [2021 Update]

iOS streaming app

Mobile live video streaming is on the rise, especially when it comes to providing coverage of live events or on-site segments. Unless you have a dedicated camera crew, carrying around a camcorder at an event your hosting or attending doesn’t always make sense. That’s why many people are reaching in their pockets for a convenient […]

What is Live Streaming? | How Does Live Streaming Work?

what is live streaming

In the past decade, live streaming over the internet has grown in popularity. This is due largely in part to the rapid development of the technology that supports the live streaming process. Live streaming is valuable to broadcasters across many industries with a multitude of use-cases. This is especially true since research shows that live […]

Live Streaming vs. VOD: Comparing the Top Video Platforms That Do Both

vod vs live streaming

Streaming video online has become a key part of many brands’ business models, and the way brands utilize video content has evolved. Choosing between using a live streaming model for your video content and an on-demand model doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive; with the right comprehensive platform, you can share your videos both ways […]

How to Use Virtual Streaming for Remote Events [2021 Update]

virtual streaming

Over the past few years, remote events have grown quite popular. Companies and organizations are using them to share information and build communities with people around the world. Recent situations have proven the value of virtual event streaming. The ability to live stream conferences, meetings, webinars, and even events for leisure has come in handy […]

OTT Broadcasting – What Every Broadcaster Needs to Know in 2021

ott broadcasting

Over-the-top (OTT) technology is shifting the way broadcasters distribute content. By bypassing the constraints of traditional media networks, OTT platforms offer better access to the content audiences want and allow them to access at their leisure.  OTT broadcasting amplifies the power of media delivery by giving professional broadcasters the unprecedented ability to interact with live […]

Comparing the Best Hosting Options for Video Training Platforms in 2021

video hosting for online courses

The ever-growing digital world has changed many facets of life. One of the most valuable things to come from the internet is the ability to share information from one place to another almost instantaneously. With the shift towards online learning and training, people can learn online without the issue of location restrictions. This is great […]

How to Choose a Video Paywall Solution for Live Streaming Monetization in 2021

video paywall

As online video becomes more and more popular, broadcasters are getting on board and creating monetizable video content.  In recent decades, advertising has been the most common video monetization method on the internet by far. An example of this would be the ads you tend to skip before a YouTube video. According to a Digital […]