Can My Dacast Playlist Contain HD Content?

Yes, you can include HD video content in your Dacast playlists. This applies to both VOD and live content.

On the Dacast platform, a playlist is a group of videos that can be set to play one by one in a specified order. You can create a playlist from your existing live streams and Video on Demand content. As long as your video renditions have been correctly set up, you can stream in HD. 

If you have any questions regarding VOD video renditions and bitrates for on-demand content, please take a look at our VOD Renditions guide.

We’d like to note that playlists function like live channels in the sense that they don’t offer an option for multi-bitrate streaming. As a result, viewers with slower connection speeds will not be able to watch the HD content without a lot of buffering.

Looking for more tips to create a playlist channel? Check out this video tutorial on how to create a Dacast live stream playlist channel.

Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us.

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