Can I Make a VOD Playlist on Dacast?

Yes, you can absolutely make a VOD playlist on Dacast. You can do this in your Dacast dashboard by following a few simple steps. 

How to Create a VOD Playlist

Get started by creating a playlist. To do so, click “Playlists” on the left navigation sidebar and click the blue “Create Playlist” button near the top right. Next, add a name for your Playlist and click the “Create” button. 

Click the “Setup” tab at the top, then click the “Content” tab underneath. You’ll see all of your VOD files. Put a checkmark in the box next to the videos that you’d like to add to your VOD playlist. To add the video to your playlist, click the top arrow button located at the center of the page. 

Next, configure the order of your playlist. To arrange the order of your videos, place your mouse over any video you’d like to move on the playlist. On the right of the video name, up and down arrows will appear. Click the up or down arrows to move the video. Once you’ve ordered the videos, click “Save.”

Click the “Theme” tab at the top and check that the “Continuous Play” toggle is enabled (set to blue).

To set a Playlist to start at a scheduled time, click on the “Security” tab for the playlist and click the lock icon next to it to set a specific start time. Click “Edit” to set a start time under the “Content Scheduling” section.

If you want to organize your VODs in the Back Office, follow this dedicated walkthrough.

VOD Features on Dacast

Dacast offers several features that enhance the broadcasting experience, especially for broadcasters who host VOD content.

Here are a few of the great VOD features:

The purpose of these features is to improve the quality of your VOD library and make things easier on you as a broadcaster.

Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us.

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