Real Time Video Analytics for Live Streaming: A Walkthrough

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Real time video analytics allow broadcasters to gauge the success of their live streams as they happen.

Today, we are going to unload everything you need to know about the live video analytics feature of Dacast, including who has access to them, where to find them, and how to use them.

1. Dacast Real Time Analytics – time period settings

Live video analytics are available to broadcasters who are using HTML5 video players.

2. Where to Find the Real Time Analytics

In your back office, you can find the subsection “Real Time” under the “Analytics” section, as shown below:

Dacast real time analytics - get started

3. How Do I Use Real Time Analytics?

First, select the live channel you are streaming on from your list of live channels:

Dacast real time analytics - live channels

You will see the following data:

  • Concurrent Viewers per Time: Shows the average number of concurrent playback sessions. This gives you the number of total viewers watching your live stream in real time.
  • New Playback Sessions per Time: Displays the number of new playback sessions at a specific time. This gives you the number of new viewers tuning-in to your live stream.
  • Gigabytes Per Time: Shows the number of gigabytes consumed at a specific time. 
  • Consumption per Location: Displays the data consumption per country. This gives you the location of your viewers all over the world in real time.

By default, the real time analytics on your live channel is showing the last five minutes of your event and are updated every five seconds.

You can change the time period. The options range from five minutes to two hours.

Dacast real time analytics - time period settings

If you would like to access data for a period of time greater than two hours, please visit your main analytics section. You can access a complete walkthrough here.

Want to familiarize yourself with Dacast’s platform and video analytics capabilities before committing? Try risk-free for 30 days.


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