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How to Set Up a Live Camera Feed and Webcam Stream in 8 Steps

how to set up a live webcam

Live camera streaming is the latest trend in the world of content creation and sharing. There’s something seemingly more authentic about watching an un-filtered webcam live stream in real-time that resonates with viewers worldwide. So much so that more than half of marketers report live streaming to be their preferred medium of sharing content online. […]

Live Streaming Classroom – How to Live Stream Classes Online [2023 Update]

Live Streaming Classroom – How to Live Stream Classes Online

Online education has never been more critical than it is today. The ability to learn online has given a new career to educators. In addition, live streaming classes allow students to access educational content wherever they are. Digital distant learning via paid and free courses would also be helpful during blizzards, hurricanes, and other natural crises as […]

The Top 12 Benefits of Live Streaming Church Services [2022 Update]

live church benefits

Thousands of houses of worship and churches are broadcasting their services online to tap into the many benefits of online streaming. If you are not familiar with online streaming you may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of live streaming church services. In this post, we will explore some of the reasons why churches […]

Best Video CDN Pricing for Live Video Streaming and Video On Demand


  Are you looking for the most competitive video CDN pricing?  As of 2018, Dacast offers some of the most competitive and accessible pricing at all plan levels for live video streaming and video hosting. In particular, we’ve lowered the per GB price for the top two pricing tiers, meaning that you have still had […]

Encoding for Live Streaming

Live Stream

  When getting started broadcasting live video streams, people often ask what equipment or software they need. Many people think all they need to stream live video is a camera, a microphone, an internet connection, a computer, and a video streaming solution. While those components are necessary, there’s one more aspect that’s just as crucial–encoding […]