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Top 6 Live Video Streaming Software: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

video content management system (cms)

In recent years, we’ve entered a very exciting time for online video. Video is taking over the internet, and users are watching more content online than ever before.  Live video streaming is a helpful tool for individuals and businesses alike. Many businesses use live streaming content to better connect with their audiences.  In this post, […]

Comparison of the Top 4 Wistia Alternatives for Video Hosting [Updated for 2021]

wistia alternatives

Live streaming continues to grow along with online video, gaining popularity in recent years across all age groups. Mobile viewing is a huge factor contributing to this increase in online video consumption. In 2017 alone, the amount of time spent watching online videos on mobile devices increased by an average of 35 percent. Given this […]

Comparison of the Top 10 VOD Platforms: What You Need to Know [2021 Update]

VOD platforms

The video on demand (VOD) industry is exploding. More and more people want to watch their online videos when and wherever they desire.  One recent report found video viewing on VOD platforms “[is] up 155% year-over-year, with an average viewing time of 17.1 minutes per session,” and businesses are taking advantage of this trend. In […]

Comparison of the Top 5 Broadcasting Software: What You Need to Know [Updated for 2021]

live broadcasting software

Thanks to the development of technology over the past decade, live streaming has become easier and more powerful than ever before. Evidence of this appears all around us in our daily lives.  Research shows that the global enterprise video market should reach $25.6 billion by 2025. If you do the math, that’s an annual growth rate […]

Best OBS Studio Settings for Broadcasting Live Streams [Updated for 2021]

best OBS studio settings

As live video streaming becomes more popular in our day-to-day lives, many businesses are experimenting with broadcasting. For those who are new to live streaming, this involves learning to deal with the many technicalities involved in streaming live video.  It’s pretty easy to create high-quality live streams today, but successful live broadcasts require a little […]

Top 10 OTT Platforms for Over-The-Top Video Streaming [2021 Update]

OTT platforms

In the past few years, the number of people turning to the internet for the news, entertainment, education, and more has skyrocketed. Over-the-top (OTT) video consumption is consistently rising, with predictions that the online streaming market will be worth $124.6 billion by the year 2025. Businesses are hopping on this trend to build brand awareness […]

Live Streaming Pricing: How to Charge for Streaming of Live Events [2021 Update]

Live Streaming Pricing: cost of live streaming an event

If you’re new to professional broadcasting, you’re likely wondering about live streaming pricing and how to charge for live online events. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to calculating costs, but today, we’re going to focus on a key topic: the cost of live streaming an event. First, we’ll take […]

What is HLS Streaming and When Should You Use It? [2021 Update]

hls streaming protocol

In the past, Adobe’s Flash video technology was the main method of delivering video via the internet. In recent years, however, there’s been a major shift in the world of online video. Specifically, online video delivered by protocols like HLS streaming and played by HTML5 video players has increasingly replaced Adobe’s Flash protocol. For both […]

Top 16 Live Streaming Platforms: Everything You Need to Know [2021 Update]

Live Streaming Platform

When it comes to live video streaming for professional use, there is so much to know.  However, since a top professional-grade live streaming platform is a very powerful broadcasting tool that solution providers update regularly, it is difficult to find reviews and comparisons that include all of the information you need. For new broadcasters looking […]

What is the Cost of Streaming Solutions in 2021?

Cost of Streaming Solutions

Today, more than sixty-three percent of people aged 18-34 watch live video streaming content regularly. The industry is booming and more and more organizations are beginning to live stream video on their website. This requires consideration of the costs associated with streaming. This blog will look at the cost of streaming solutions in 2021. More specifically, we’ll […]