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Your Guide to the Best Live Streaming Equipment [2024 Update]

live streaming equipment

Video content has become a growth staple for many organizations in most industries. Research shows that video content will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2025. Furthermore, 85% of marketers credit video as an effective online marketing tool. It’s no wonder, then, that streaming events and connecting with customers via a popular […]

Comparing the Top 10 HLS Streaming Software for Live Broadcasting [2023 Update]

hls streaming software

Broadcasting live streaming video requires various tools. There are several types of streaming software, including encoders, live switchers, simulcasting tools, and more. Each of these tools plays an important role in enhancing the live streaming experience. In particular, HTTP live HLS streaming software is used with live streams delivered with HLS technology. This post will […]

Comparing the 23 Best Live Streaming Platforms in 2023

When it comes to live video streaming for professional use, there is so much to know. However, since a top professional-grade  live streaming platform is a powerful broadcasting tool that solution providers update regularly, it isn’t easy to find reviews and comparisons that include all the information you need.  Also, considering the sheer number of live streaming platforms […]

The 10 Best OTT Streaming Services (+10 OTT Platforms for Building Your Own) 2023

OTT platforms

The way we consume entertainment content, particularly video, has changed drastically over the last decade. The number of people turning to the internet for news, livestreaming, entertainment, education, and more has skyrocketed. The OTT platforms market is powered by over-the-top (OTT) video technology. The OTT video services market is consistently rising, predicted to be  worth $247 billion by 2027. Businesses are hopping […]

How To Build a Live Streaming App on iOS and Android [2023 Update]

Our modern way of living mostly requires us to have a mobile device on us at all times. Our smartphones especially are miniature computers and the ultimate communications device. Going with us everywhere, people rely on them for everything from checking the news to entertainment to scrolling through social media. Streaming platforms are also increasingly […]