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Video Transcoding Services: New Transcoding Limits on VODs

Video Encoding and Transcoding

  1. What is Transcoding? Transcoding is the process that allows you to create several renditions of the same video allowing you to offer your viewers different video qualities. Transcoding is also used when the original uploaded format of the video cannot be played. 2. What are Transcoding Credits? Transcoding credits represent the amount of […]

Wirecast Multi-Bitrates Settings Live Streaming Configuration


  Encoding, multi-bitrate streaming, and adaptive streaming are all very important elements for maintaining an excellent user experience and improving the quality of your live stream. In this post, we’re going to discuss how these features look in action with the Wirecast live encoding software. We will cover how to set up this software encoder […]

How do I stream using Videon Empire HD or Greylock HD?

Video Encoding and Transcoding

  Dacast is now a unified video platform that includes live and on demand streaming. We are in the process of a full migration, and for all customers interested in our video transcoding services, please navigate over to the full tutorial on the Dacast VOD solution. We will cover everything from video uploading, transcoding, live […]