Video Transcoding Services: New Transcoding Limits on VODs

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Note that you can also access a video tutorial on this topic here.

1/ What is transcoding? and what are transcoding credits?

Transcoding is the process that allows you to create several renditions of the same video allowing you to offer your viewers different video qualities. Transcoding is also used when the original uploaded format of the video cannot  be played.

Transcoding credits represents the amount of GB available in your DaCast account to transcode Video On Demand.
For example : A TV HD (4.5MB/s) quality video of  1h would take roughly 2GB of your transcoding credits

2/ When am I using transcoding credits?

Transcoding credits are consumed when:

-Triggering several renditions on your Video On Demand (when encoding your Video On Demand).

video transcoding


-Uploading your Video On Demand with auto encode.

video transcoding

-Auto archiving your live streaming

video transcoding

3/ How many transcoding credits do I get?

Free trials get 2GB of transcoding credits in order to test the video transcoding feature.
Then, you get an amount of transcoding credits, in GB, according to the DaCast plan purchased:

  • Starter Plan: 20GB
  • Pro Plan: 200GB
  • Premium Plan: 500GB
  • Enterprise Plan (custom plans): Contact us
  • Event Plan
    • 1-20TB: 20GB
    • 20TB to above: Contact us

You also have the ability to purchase extra transcoding credits if needed. This will be explained on part 5/.

NOTE: When triggering your overage storage, DaCast offers you 50% of the overage storage used.

For example: If you used 10GB of overage storage, you’ll receive 5GB of free transcoding credits!

**Transcoding credits do not expire as long as your account remains active.**

4/ How do I know how many transcoding credits are remaining on my account?

The amount of your transcoding credits remaining in your account are displayed in the “purchase” section of your account. To access this section, you can either :

  • Click on “upgrade my plan”
  • Go under Account and then click on Purchase

video transcoding

5/ What if I don’t have enough transcoding credits remaining?

  • You won’t be able to encode and auto encode your Video On Demand anymore (but you can still do a raw upload of your Video On Demand which would upload the Video On Demand in its initial format)
  • You will need to purchase extra transcoding credits (works with PayPal and Credit Card). There are 3 options to purchase transcoding credits

OPTION 1: you can click on the button “Purchase transcoding credits” that is below your amount of remaining transcoding credits

video transcodingvideo transcoding

OPTION 2: You can purchase additional transcoding credits when uploading a video on the DaCast platform using the auto encode method:

video transcoding

video transcoding

OPTION 3: You also have the possibility to purchase additional transcoding credits when encoding several renditions of your Video On Demand

video transcoding

video transcoding

NOTE: If you are on a free trial, you cannot purchase extra transcoding credits. You will need to purchase a plan before  purchasing extra transcoding credits.

6/ Pricing

  • 1 GB of transcoding credit is $3 with lower pro-rated pricing available for purchases over 20GB (see below)
  • Minimum amount of transcoding Credits to purchase: 2GB ($6)
  • Over 20GB of transcoding credits, we offer you special pricing:
    • 20GB – 50GB = $2,50/GB 
    • 50GB – 100GB = $2,25/GB 
    • 100GB = $2/GB

2 thoughts on “Video Transcoding Services: New Transcoding Limits on VODs

  1. Ross Sophie says:

    I am using the trial at the moment and am uploading raw video, but am being told I’ve used 1.82gb transcoding credits, but this page suggests raw video can be done without using transcoding credits?

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Sophie, I hope you are great. My colleague Mary get back to you via email. Let us know if you have any other questions, and we would be happy to help. Best regards,

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