How do I stream using Videon Empire HD or Greylock HD?

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  • Videon encoder (Empire HD or Greylock HD with encode functionality enabled)*
  • Firmware Version V2.0+ installed on your Videon encoder
  • Active DaCast account

1. Log in to your DaCast account and navigate to “Preferences” --> “API”.

2. Click on the “REGENERATE” button next to the Videon key field and a key will be supplied to you as shown below:

stream with encoding software

Copy this key value as you will need this for later.

3. Go to your Greylock’s web user interface and click on “Encoder Control” and then the “Configure” button.

4. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will see a dropdown menu underneath RTMP Output. Select “DaCast”. You should see something like this:

stream with encoding software

5. Enter the value you were provided at step 2 into the “API Key” field.

6. Click the “Get Channels” button for the encoder to retrieve all channels that are available on your DaCast account.

7. From the “Channel List” dropdown, select the channel you would like to stream to.

8. Toggle the RTMP Output switch to ON.

9. Switch to the “Encoder Configuration” tab and ensure the encoder configuration values are correct, especially the keyframe interval = 2.

stream with encoding software

10. Click “Apply” and then “OK” to begin streaming.

11. To view the stream on your DaCast account, go back on the DaCast platform --> “Publish Settings” of the channel you are streaming to. Then click on the stream with encoding software button. Please note that it may take up to 30 seconds for the stream to be viewable.

* Since November 9th, Videon has updated its software to improve the streaming performance. To avoid any issue with long-term streaming, we suggest that you install this update. In order to update your encoder, please follow the simple steps outlined in the Videon video and written instructions below: 


1. Download our update file. (This is also available on the Resources page of our website, in the Product Tools section.) 
2. Open a new tab and enter your encoder’s IP address to open the web User Interface.
3. Select Advanced Settings.
4. Under Firmware Update, select Choose File. Use the browser to select the file you just downloaded in step 1.
5. Select Upload & Install, then confirm that you want to install new firmware. 



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