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What is a Paywall in Video Monetization?

  What is a Paywall? A video paywall is software that restricts free access to digital content by requiring a viewer to purchase the video or pay for a subscription to gain access to the content. Your Dacast account gives you access to the main tools you need to monetize video content. Having content behind […]

Video Monetization: How to Use the Dacast Paywall

  This paywall section of your Dacast account gives you access to the main tools you need to monetize video content. Some of the paywall functions include:. Access to your saved pay-per-view/subscriptions/promo codes presets (section “Presets” of your Paywall Creation of price groups and promo codes (section “Groups” of your Paywall) Access to your Pay […]

Monetize Video: How to Create a Price and Promo Code on Dacast

This guide explains how to create a price and promo code with Dacasts paywall to monetize video content. Before we dive in, were going to discuss the types of monetization available with Dacast. Types of Monetization Available with Dacast There are three methods of monetization offered by Dacast: SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD. SVOD is a […]

How to Configure Paywall Monetization Settings

  In this guide, we will walk you through the process of configuring your Dacast Paywall settings in your account.  This setting provides options for your viewers to choose which payment method they can use, it could be via Card purchase, or via PayPal. Steps to set it up  Login to your Dacast account. Click […]

Can I Use Local Video Ads with Dacast Monetization?

Yes, you may use local video ads with Dacast’s monetization tools as long as you have your own ad network.  In case you’re not familiar, an ad network is a third party platform or business that connects companies that want to run ads with content creators that want to monetize their sites with ads. Essentially, […]