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Monetize Video: How to Create a Price and Promo Code on Dacast

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

This guide explains how to create a price and promo code with Dacasts paywall to monetize video content. Before we dive in, were going to discuss the types of monetization available with Dacast. Types of Monetization Available with Dacast There are three methods of monetization offered by Dacast: SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD. SVOD is a […]

Can I Use Local Video Ads with Dacast Monetization?

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

Yes, you may use local video ads with Dacast’s monetization tools as long as you have your own ad network.  In case you’re not familiar, an ad network is a third party platform or business that connects companies that want to run ads with content creators that want to monetize their sites with ads. Essentially, […]

Video Monetization: How to Set up the Cleeng Paywall with Dacast

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

Some Dacast users opt to use the Cleeng paywall for video monetization with Dacast. In order to use this paywall, you’ll need both Dacast and Cleeng accounts. If you are not already a Cleeng customer, you can register here. When is Cleeng Paywall More Useful than Dacast Paywall?  Dacast’s paywall provides an English-based, white-label paywall […]