How to use Dacast Signed Keys?

What are Signed keys?

Signed Keys are an alternative to  Domain Control for preventing your videos from being embedded where you don’t want them to be. Whereas Domain Control security is based upon verifying the referrer information sent by the embedding user agent, user-signed security is based upon verifying a signature appended to your embed code that is generated using a secret signing key shared by you and Dacast.


How to turn ON the Signed Key feature to your account?

  1. Login to your Dacast account, then go to the settings option on the left panel: 

      2. Click the toggle, then hit save.

Note that Signed Keys and Domain Control are mutually exclusive – you can use one or the other but not both.

Typically, Signed Keys are intended for use in applications that are dynamically generating HTML content. They allow you to set an expiry time for your embed code, so that a particular embed code is only valid for a limited time in the future. 

When your application generates an HTML document with an embedded video, it also generates a signed embed code, specific to that page, which is only valid for a short time into the future. If your pages are static, you can’t use them as the key has to be generated in real time.

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Rizaldy Samonte

Zac is a part of the Dacast Support team and started working with the company in 2020. He has vast experience in customer service/engagement and live streaming support.