Type of channels Dacast Offers

We have several types of live streaming Dacast channels in order to meet every Broadcaster’s needs. All of our live channels (except Standard Passthrough) are transcoding channels (meaning they come with Adaptive streaming ABR).  Standard Passthrough The default live stream channels we have are called Standard Passthrough channels, ready-to-broadcast format channels where the source is […]

Provide Livestream Replay For Your Viewers

In the fast-paced world of online content, we understand that not everyone can catch your livestream event in real-time. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce how to provide a replay of your live stream for your viewers.  Our live stream recording feature allows you to record your live stream using the Dacast platform, allowing viewers […]

Understanding How Simulcast is Charged with Dacast

Dacast emerges as a robust streaming solution, offering users the ability to reach a wider audience through simulcasting. Simulcast is the practice of broadcasting content simultaneously across multiple platforms, expanding the reach of your live streams.  Depending on your plan, you have a certain number of hours available per month to simulcast:  Starter: 5 hours  […]

How Do I Set Up a Backup Stream on Dacast?

In preparation for the rare instance when the Stream URL or Server URL does not work, Dacast provides a backup URL in case you encounter issues with the primary stream URL.  This precaution is in place so that you can easily troubleshoot and get back on track if you have any hiccups when streaming live. […]