Side Panel

Dacast’s side panel feature allows you to view your main features all on one window; eliminating the tedious task of clicking in and out of multiple windows causing you to lose track of your work amongst dozens of video uploads.  This feature organizes your workflow and keeps you on track.   Access the side panel You […]

VOD To Live

What is VOD to Live? Stream confidently and securely with our new VOD to Live feature. VOD to Live allows you to choose any of your videos, set it to a specific time and date, and go live without the use of an encoder.  So what is the difference between this and a regular VOD […]

Video Guide: How to Start Live Streaming Using Dacast – OBS Studio

VIDEO TUTORIAL  This video will explain step-by-step how to start live streaming on a Dacast live channel using the Dacast version of OBS Studio broadcasting software with integrated encoding features.   WRITTEN TUTORIAL  Spanish version available here. In this tutorial, we will explain step-by-step how to start live streaming on a Dacast live channel using […]

Type of channels Dacast Offers

We have several types of live streaming Dacast channels in order to meet every Broadcaster’s needs. All of our live channels (except Standard Passthrough) are transcoding channels (meaning they come with Adaptive streaming ABR).  The default live stream channels we have are called Transcode channels, which appear as ABR in the creation of the live […]

Dacast Live Stream Recording Tutorial

  Live stream recording allows you to record your live stream and share it as a video on demand (VOD). Keeping a record of your live events gives your viewers the ability to re-watch your videos whenever they like. With Dacast, you can record your live stream for up to six continuous hours at a […]