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New Jan 2024

Onboarding Tutorials

Explore a particular feature of Dacast in greater detail. Within the newly added "Getting Started" section, you'll discover onboarding flows designed to walk you through each key Dacast feature, providing step-by-step guidance.

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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New Sep 2023

Regions and Cities Analytics

Gain geographical insights with Plays by Location in our analytics. Track the number of plays across countries, regions, and cities through an intuitive map. Explore viewer demographics!

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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New May 2023

New Dacast Dashboard

Discover the all-new Dacast Dashboard! Access vital information instantly with straightforward analytics and paywall data. Customize your experience by choosing widgets for personalized, efficient content management.

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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Mar 2023

Content Management with Dacast Folders

Simplify content management on Dacast with our folder system. Choose or create folders during upload, drag-and-drop files effortlessly, and enjoy an organized media library.

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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